Restaurant Reviews: Dominos/Cold Stone, Abeokuta.

Let’s do reviews.
Venue: Dominos/Cold Stone, Abeokuta.

1. Aesthetics: 3?. Good lighting, yes. Great colors, yes. Space and arrangement though, not good. Probably because two ‘big guns’ are sharing a location. On hot days (Val, weekends, public holidays), it is a mad house. Getting a place to sit is a hustle!

2. Location: 3?. Right in the middle of the road. Like a friend observed, you can see the traffic just outside. There’s also the clumsy road pattern (? Roundabout) that makes crossing/driving quite a task.

3. Staff: 3.5?. They like encouraging you to add toppings at Cold Stone and at Dominos, they give you time to make your choice and give tips on what’s available or not. That takes friendliness.

4. Timing: 2.5?. Not so good, especially the Domimos guys. A lot of time is spent waiting for your order. Then, they shout your name and it could get lost in the milieu of voices crammed in the small space.

5. Pricing: 3.5?. Their prices are kind of fixed all over but they also do a lot of price slashes and promos. And with Domino’s penchant for sending texts messages, they get irresistible.

6. CulinarySkills: 3?. The pizza is good but there are better pizzas out there. Seems like they thrive on hype and not quality. At least, they never come uncooked. The icecream gets too sugary though (personally).

#Overall: 3.1?. Needs some change?


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3 thoughts on “Restaurant Reviews: Dominos/Cold Stone, Abeokuta.

    1. ? I’m sorry ma. And I have gotten other comments outside of here agreeing with you.
      Apparently, there are other pizza outfits way better than them.

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