Dee&Tee Delivery Services, Abeokuta: Review.

Let’s do business-services reviews.
Venue: Dee&Tee, Abeokuta. (Food Delivery Services.)

1. Accessibility: 4?. Just as soon as you place a call through, your request is received and immediately attended to. Sometimes, you may need to send in a text message to confirm. Whatsapp accessibility isn’t really in form though.

2. Coverage: 4?. There’s really been no restaurant I’ve wanted food from that Dee&Tee hasn’t gotten through to. There have been days they’d even find some other (great) place if my desired restaurant is not available. Right to my doorstep.

3. Staff: 3?. As far as I know, this is a one, or maximum, two man business. This is likely because it is still a start up, small scale business. But, respect, cordiality and humor abound.

4. Timing: 3?. Due to above, it sometimes takes a while for your order to get to you. This gets especially worse when others need their services too.

5. Pricing: 4.5?. Highly affordable. You don’t spend up to ₦1000 per delivery. I mean, sometimes, I figure I pay less than I’d have to spend if I was going to get the food myself.

6. ExtraPerks: 4?. Apart from food delivery, Dee&Tee sometimes goes out of their way to deliver other products customers ask for.

Overall: 3.8?. Way to go?

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Dee&Tee can definitely get pizza to your doorstep from Dominos

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