Restaurant Reviews: Sweet Sensation, Abeokuta.

Let’s do reviews.

Venue: Sweet Sensation, Abeokuta. 

1. Aesthetics: 3?. For the popularity these guys have, their setting is really nothing to write home about. It’s almost like a disjointed arrangement of spaces. Getting a good picture takes a lot of positioning and prayers. The exterior is especially not encouraging. Well, except at night when the lights try to make it glow.

2. Location: 4?. It’s right on the road. But, there’s some kind of insulation that keeps the noise out. It is also right in the business center of town; close to easy transport and near enough to ATMs.

3. Staff: 3?. True review, they really don’t care if you’re smiling or not. They just want you moving up the queue. They might smile if you make a joke though.

4. Timing: 3.5?. Again, the food is waiting for you and they don’t need to microwave it, so, quite fast and that ups their review. But, the crowd can be something sometimes.

5. Pricing: 3?. Truth is, they are quite affordable but not as much as WokCity. You still need to have enough cash or a loaded bank card to ensure you don’t end up dishwashing.

6. CulinarySkills: 4.5?. The meals are top notch. You get to determine what quantity you’d like to have but you can bet each bite would be worth it. It’s a great thing to keep up the standard.

Overall review: 3.5?. Can be better?


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