About me

Most times I write with the pen name PEO. Starting from essays written in secondary school, I discovered my flair for writing. Writing gives me joy.
I have written articles for prominent websites like Designed Life. Prominent achievements for me include several wins in the debate society and public speaking events as an undergraduate. I have anchored and spoken at events. I usually seek such opportunities to employ my words in active conversation.
I live in Nigeria with my family of writers; my parents and three siblings. Eventually, I will be a graduate of the medical school at the University of Ibadan by 2019. I was born on the 4th February and I am from Osun state.
I like writing because it allows me create a world where things happen how, where and when I want them to. I can decide the past, present and future. My poems, some short stories, and unpublished first novel are going to be first served here to you on my blog.
I believe, as a writer of faith, that someone, somewhere, only needs to read at least a line of my writing to think, speak and act better.