Alaga/Halaga, Abeokuta; Grab Your Chair for This Review.

Let’s do restaurant reviews.
Venue: Alaga/Halaga, Abeokuta.

1. Aesthetics: 2.5?. Not your best jpegs spot, ladies and gentlemen. Cramped, crowded, poorly lit, not well arranged… You’d probably get one good shot outside the restaurant. The upstairs is said to be better but most of the business is transacted downstairs and it is what it is. In fact, you may just want to go with the mindset that you won’t get a seat.

2. Location: 3?. Alaga is too set inside for easy location and accessibility. The road in front of it is quite narrow and makes parking cars difficult. While traffic noise is eliminated, it may get rowdy when it’s time to leave.

3. Staff: 4?. They are cool, calm and collected. Their cordial nature doesn’t hinder their  dexterity.

4. Timing: 4?. Usually good timing but the crowd can slow things down. But, they seem to have developed a system that works.

5. Pricing: 4?. Hands down (and hands up ?), Alaga has the best prices. With just a little cash, you can get quality. Uhm, they are a bit close fisted with their food portions.

6. CulinarySkills: 4.5?. Delicious does not do justice! Their variety of rice dishes, their soups and God, their porridge???. They maintain their standard day in, day out. I haven’t heard otherwise.

Overall: 3.7?. Way to go?

PS: I should get a picture inside Alaga soon.

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