Art Gallery; Thinking of Starting Your Own?

Art Gallery
Art Gallery
Art Gallery

How much of art do you appreciate? How would you like to have amazing works of photography art on your walls?

I have fallen in love with phone photography. The most minute details draw my eyes to the beauty that others would easily overlook. Just as with humans. We are art.

I started working on selling art on online galleries like Vsual, ArtPal and Shutterstock.

However, I discovered that my Nigerian clients and some other lovers of my art would have difficulty with international fees, delivery and timing. To avoid these, I have stepped up to something else.

1. Follow me on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. LinkedIn too. 

2. Watch out for the images I upload.

3. Notice any you like, love and want? Or even need?

4. Reach out to me through my social media handles.

5. We’d discuss what specifications of the image you would like. Where you’d want the final product delivered. And, of course, the cost.

It is time to start building your own gallery.

Yesterday would have been fine.

Today is another to begin.


We have some images here too. 

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