Oliver’s Cafe; A Review for Oliver Twist?

Let’s do restaurant reviews.
Venue: Oliver’s Cafe, Ibadan.

1. Aesthetics: 3.5?. For all the great ideas they have, Oliver’s Cafe needs more space. Lighting is not so great especially once you’re inside. The sofas are superb though and the decorations are just right.

2. Location: 3.5?. You can almost miss it seeing as it’s sandwiched between buildings even though it is right on the road. The signboard is almsot not there either, so, visibility is needed. Also, from the Favos Junction, you’d have to take a bike if you don’t own a car.

3. Staff: 3?. Staff at Oliver’s Cafe are well suited for the not to be disturbed mood. They take your order, ask if that’s all and then disappear. It takes a while to get their attention and the bell doesn’t help.

4. Timing: 3?. Nope, this was not awesome. At all. At one time, some people had finished eating before others got their orders. Needs to be checked.

5. Pricing: 4?. Not so much as to render your next salary useless. I’m not sure whether it’s the general ‘Ibadan-Affordability’ or the management just likes to be nice.

6. CulinarySkills: 4?. I’d vouch for their cooking to some extent. Their catfish peppersoup is something I wish I had tried.

Overall: 3.5?. Going great.?

PS: This review is based on past experiences.

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2 thoughts on “Oliver’s Cafe; A Review for Oliver Twist?

  1. Thank you for the Ibadan post o. It’s good for people like me that have tiny ideas of not so common places to eat

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