Let us talk about proposals. Ehm, do not turn away, I have no intention of boring you with details of how people manipulate their ideas into companies and stuff like that. I mean how guys propose to girls… ladies… women… whatever!
The main show should take less than five minutes… seteris paribus… But it would be unfair on the guys if we ignore the days, sometimes weeks of preparation and hardwork.

I will give a hypothetic view of a young man, Julius, who plans to propose to his girlfriend of 2months (two month!!! How does that happen? Sorry i am digressing but i remember the days of 2-5years courtship and i wonder why people seem to be in such a worry-hurry to ‘pop the question’. I mean, are we all so scared of the other sex going extinct? Just asking… now, back to the point) and decides to start preparing for the D-day a week ahead.


Day 1: Julius wakes up, looks himself in the mirror and says, “this is all a big mistake. I should just call it off.” He picks up the phone and as he is trying to dial Shiana’s number (yes, that is his girlfriend’s name), a call from her comes in.
Shiana: goodmorning sweetheart, had a nice night? I had a nice night… dreamt of us having fun on the beach with the warm sand beneath our feet and the sky so blue… oh, and we had two cute daughters… it was just amazing.
Julius: oh, baby, i am so happy for you.. for us i mean.
After the call, Julius is so sure he is doing the right thing.He decides to tell his friends about this drastic decision.

Day2: Julius is hanging out with his buddies today and he hopes they can convince him that he is not making a mistake. At the bar…
Jared: mhen, you are bewitched! Why would you want to get married?
Mayo: no way, you are just 28, you still have a life of bachelorhood to explore, why get tied down already?
Skye: follow your heart man.
Skye happens to be the only one married amongst the guys. But his wife actually ties him down and his comment only got snickers from the others. After hours of talk and drink, the guys all leave and Julius is left with the bartender. Julius makes up his mind that if the bartender offers him a free drink, he would go ahead with the proposal. (What a thing to use! Who gives free drinks?). Fortunately for Shiana, a free drink was offered.

Day3: Today is quite a simple day. All Julius has to do is get an engagement ring. He has heard nice stories about the jewelery store across the main street, he would go there with great hope of finding just the right… size. Panic!!! What is the size of Shiana’s ring finger???? Why had nobody warned him that he needed that size, that figure, that fact? Okay, everybody calm down. Skye had done this before, he should be of help.
… thirty minutes later, a ring is bought… don’t ask me how.

Day4: Speech writing. Everyone wants to speak from their heart but Julius also knows the danger of stuttering and stammering as a result of the brain becoming cloudy just as the proposal starts. So, he will resort to pen and paper and hope his eyes and mouth can do the rest.
… three hours later, he has succeeded in constructing three opening lines.
… six hours later, he has cancelled those lines and filled the bin with enough scrap paper to last a month.
… two hours later, he has given up on writing… to hell with stammering… who cares?

Day5: What would be the right setting? Morning? Afternoon? Night? Close to water? On the bridge? In the car? (No way!!! How would he get on one knee?) In private? Public? With her friends there?( Nah!! Those girls can scream off all the words in his head).
Julius was worried that with all the contemplations going on in his head, he would get a headache too severe to cure.

Day6: What to wear? Now, note that this issue had been dragging on from day one, it only intensified on the day before the d-day. Shiana had always complimented everything he put on, even his worn out singlet and condemned boxers. He had never been the guy to like those suits but he had watched lots of films where the girl said ‘yes’ and the guy had always been in suit. But his dad had always admonished him to be himself in matters concerning love… although he wasn’t so sure how well that had profited him, counting the number of ladies that had turned him down. Suit it would be! Shiana just had to say yes…

Day7: I wish i could describe this day to you. Sorry.

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Eunice is a medical doctor, writer and photographer whose love for art compliments her dedication to health and science. She is interested in communicating health related issues in the simplest, yet artistic form and generally improving health status through awareness.

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  1. This is so true! (Like I know anything about all of these stuff). But the thought of having to do this… uuurrgh!! I wish we all could just somehow “know”?
    Epic write-up!!! Kudos

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