IntuitFx; Interview With the Director of Treasury.

Can we meet you?

My name is Ayo Anthony Afolabi, I am from Igbajo in Osun State, the first child in a family of 5. I studied Economics in the University of Ibadan (UI). Also, I have a Masters degree in Business Computing from UI. I am an Associate member of the Chartered Institute of Personnel Management of Nigeria. My strong interests are in nation building, learning and development, financial literacy and photography. Things I am particular about include investment banking, people development and corporate strategy design and execution. I enjoy watching football and staunchly support Arsenal.

Kindly tell us a bit about your company: IntuitFx

IntuitFx is an innovative digital platform that gives everyone the opportunity to invest in forex anytime and on the go.

It is perfectly suited to people looking to engage in forex trading but do not have the knowledge, capacity or timeframe to execute trades. We commenced operation August 2019.

How did you come up with this unique name?

(Laughs…….) The name ‘IntuitFx’ was borne out of careful consideration. Some Psychologists regard “intuition’ as a clear understanding of collective intelligence.

Others regard it as the highest level of intelligence especially when groomed and properly harnessed.

The forex trading industry requires this highest level of intelligence and as a brand, that is what we stand for.

What service does IntuitFx offer?

At the moment, we offer investment plans in forex trading. With a minimum capital of NGN50,000, you can earn up to 50% on you investment in 20 weeks.

Standard plan – 5 weeks – 10%
Growth plan – 15 weeks – 35%
Value Plan – 20 weeks – 50%

We also offer investment advisory services in traditional investments (Bonds, Mutual funds, Treasury bills etc), stock trading, real estate, agribusiness and FMCG retailing.

How is IntuitFx different from other investment outfits out there?

Distinguishing factors that set IntuitFx apart from other forex investment outfits include our continuous commitment to disciplined trading, excellent client relationship management and the guarantee on capital that we offer.

(As a brand, to guarantee capital, we have designed an investment framework that divests the inherent risks to forex trading by ensuring that no more than 60% of client’s fund is traded in the Forex market while the remaining 40% is invested in less volatile ventures notably agribusiness and FMCG retailing).

We also have put together a team of trading experts with a cumulative 80 years of forex trading experience among them.
We are on a journey to becoming a one stop company for all your alternative investment requirements.

Why now? Especially in the wake of the effects of Covid-19 on the world economy…….why is IntuitFx relevant now?

The Covid-19 pandemic came unannounced and without fail showed that a vast majority of Nigerians depend on a single source of income which was deeply negatively impacted by the pandemic.

In fact, recent statistics show that less than 2% of Nigerians have a balance of NGN500,000 and above in their savings bank account and only 5% have enough to survive a 3-month lockdown without income.

This implies that there is a need for Nigerians to start diversifying their streams of income and earn passively.

However, there are very limited viable options to choose from. With treasury bills/mutual funds rates averagely 3.5% P.A and the huge capital requirement to invest in agritech platforms, investing in forex through a secure, trustworthy and professional outfit as IntuitFx becomes highly necessary.

With a minimum capital of NGN50,000, you can invest on our platform and earn 10% in 5 weeks.

Who are the target clients/ customers of this company?

So far you are above 18 years of age and desire to earn passive income, you are our target client. To cater for retail investors, our minimum investment capital is NGN50,000.

What is the Management team of IntuitFx like at the moment?

We have a 5 man management team apart from our team of expert traders. I serve as the Managing Partner/ Director of Treasury.

We also have;
Binuyo Olutomiwa – Growth Manager. 
Motunrayo Akinseye – Chief Operating Officer. 
Ojekunle Emmanuel – Chief Technology Officer. 
Faluyi Opemipo – Product Design.

Any Affiliate, Partnerships, Sponsorship?

IntuitFx is a worthy owned subsidiary of Suave Multidynamic Resources duly registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission of Nigeria.

Any major challenges / setbacks so far?

I won’t really call this a challenge, it’s rather a responsibility that we are glad to carry out. We are continuously saddled with the responsibility of rewriting the negative experiences that a number of Nigerians have faced in the investment space.

Where do you see IntuitFx in the next five years?

I see IntuitFx already established as the leading digital retail forex trading platform in Africa with expanded alternative investment options.

We are on a journey to bolstering the investment spectrum in Africa one country at a time.

Thank you very much for having me.


Our Contact details:
No 3, Ayo Adekunle Close, New Bodija Estate, Ibadan. 08127290507
Instagram: intuit_fx

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