If Love Can Defy All Odds, What Excuse Does Hatred Have?

Every one knows the unpleasant welcome you get as you step into a hospital. It is not even a welcome, just an ushering in into an environment so deprived of hope, yet, full of it.

The father holding his little daughter’s hand as she catches her breathe hopes that she does not have any of her asthmatic attacks again for the rest of the year at least.

The wife caressing her husband’s face as he shuts his eyes in pain hopes the kidney stones do not require surgery as they do not have that kind of money.

The young couple seated in front of me hope they heard me wrong.

“Ma’am, you are pregnant… congratulations?”

The query in my congratulations is to let them know I already saw through their facade of being a married couple. I may not be young like them but I am not foolish.

In my years as a doctor, I have had to delve into tricky situations brought into my office by my patients. Situations worse than mere physical conditions.

These two, Lolo and Abiodun, are in more trouble than I envisaged.

“Doctor, how can she be pregnant? We only did it once. Once!”

Abiodun’s face is contorted by shock, fear and building annoyance as he asks me for an explanation for his… Err, virility? Sharp shootedness? Target hitting skills?

“It takes just one sperm. One.”

Of course, they had not used protection. From what I imagined, it was a frenzied, tearing at clothes, done in the dark kind of sex that left them both panting in bewilderment after the deed was done.

“You. Raped. Me.”

Lolo had quiet eyes, just like mine. Eyes so small, they almost always looked closed. She had not shed a tear since my announcement which earned her a star from me.

But the fire I saw in her eyes as she laid her accusation against Abiodun made me shift back a little from my own consulting table.

Trouble in Love City.

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    1. Thank you dear. Welcome to the series. I hope you go through the episodes and find them interesting.

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