The Exclusive Job Surprise At The Premier Hotel.

When I got the email giving the details for the monthly Executive Board Meeting scheduled for the weekend, I thought it was a mistake and laughed at how sloppy my best friend had become since she got pregnant.

“Bunmi, just look at you getting me even more scared of pregnancy. You cannot even send the right emails to the right recipients again? Why would I be going to Premier Hotel ( with them?”

At first, she was silent and I thought MTN network had started again until I heard her yawn and say, ” The Editor-in-Chief, himself, sent the emails this time. Babe, I need to continue the dream you interrupted. Congratulations in advance. ”

I stared at my phone for good thirty seconds before flying into panic mode as I tried to pack some of my most presentable clothing into a small travel bag, all the while wondering what was going on. I was at work today, spoke with the E-in-C and got no hint at this stunt I was not finding any bit funny.

The lights from the Premier Hotel can be seen from the University College Hospital where I graduated from. While studying medicine and surgery, I did not know that I would be working with that degree for just a while before allowing my writing skills push me into the arms of LimitsCo Magazine, working as a Content Creator.

I was booked into one of the Deluxe rooms and I remember sitting at the edge of the bed with my bags at my feet, chewing at my nails when I first got in.

Of course, this cannot be a prelude to being fired. Who fires anyone so ceremoniously? So, does this mean…?

Till I walked into the seminar room where the board meeting was holding, my mind ran through all sorts of possible options but none of them prepared me for the post of E-in-C being handed over to me at the delicate age of 24years.

I cried and it was not because of the warm, minted tea I was cradling in my palms.

PS: The Premier Hotel is one of the top hotels in Nigeria and the;utm_medium=social;utm_content=content-writing-challenge is set to recognize it amongst others.

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