Restaurant Reviews: WokCity, Abeokuta.

Let’s do reviews.
Venue: WokCity, Abeokuta.

Aesthetics: 3.5?. You can get a few good pictures at Wokcity but the lighting isn’t superb. They have some art pieces but they could do with better placement. Plus, the place is not that spacious, so, your selfie can easily end up covering others.

Location: 3?. WokCity is quite close to the road and that means a lot of noise. Not a really cool place to propose?. But, you have more than enough transport options.

Staff: 3. 5?. Some get too chatty. Others are sour. But what irks me the most is the high turnover rate. The staff come and go fast. So, if you’re a regular (like moi), you’d miss out on having a ‘best-staff’.

Timing: 4?. The food is already prepared. So, it doesn’t take much time. But if the place gets crowded, as it often does, paying for your food may take a while.

Pricing: 4?. Trust me, their prices are pocket friendly. You can eat to your fill without pouring out the soul of your purse. Oh, their icecream is ? and far from StoneCold’s price.

CulinarySkills: 3.5?. Yes, you get quantity but the quality is not steady. With the frequent change in staff, their recipes undergo a lot of cycling. What I may call a bomb plate of porridge may turn out the most repulsive thing since spoilt beans.

#Overall: 3.6?. Not that bad?


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