Restaurant Reviews: Park Inn by Radisson, Abeokuta.

Let’s do  restaurant reviews.

Venue: Park Inn by Radisson, Abeokuta.


1. Aesthetics: 5?. If you’re a lover of selfies and peng pictures, this restaurant is the place.


2. Location: 4?. While the restaurant is far away enough from the noise and pollution of the city. You better have your car if you plan on leaving there late.


3. Staff: 4?. Let’s say they care enough not to get fired. And they’d also laugh at your jokes. 


4. Timing: 2.5?. Nah, this was terrible. I get it’s not a restaurant per se. It’s more of a hotel and they make your dish per order. Still, my stomach enzymes nearly went zombie.


5. Pricing: 3.5?. For their environment and the ambiance, yes. But, it’s not the “Come hungry” place unless you’re Dangote’s kin… With access to his cash.


6. CulinarySkills: 4?. While the quantity wasn’t fair, the quality made up for it. I’m not sure if the restaurant is wary of people stealing their toothpicks but you have to ask for them.

So, thinking of eating?

Overall: 3.8?. Way to go?.


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