One Night Too Many 3.


“Nike, you’re really looking good this morning. In fact, you’ve been looking fresher these days.”

I smiled at Bode. I knew what he was talking about. Most of my clothes were looking more fitting, my face was fresher and my hair was longer.

“Thanks Bode, it shows you’ve been taking good care of me.”

“You mean like this…’ He started placing kisses on my neck, sliding his hands under my tucked out shirt.

“Hmm, Bode now, I’d be late for the sisters’ meeting and you know how the sister’s coordinator is.”

“Does it matter? By the time I love you up the way I feel like right now, you’d glow so much even sis Kemi would be blinded.”

He was on my breasts now, rubbing them. I closed my eyes, blocking out the reprimands already forming in my head.

“Bode stop… please…”

He was either deaf or choosing to be. I pushed him away just in time before I emptied my breakfast on our dark blue rug.

“Oh my God, are you okay? Where did that come from?”

“I don’t know…” I managed to reply while I staggered towards the visitor’s bathroom.

“Do you still feel like throwing up?”

I nodded while unbuttoning my shirt.

“Sit right there, I’d get your phone to call sis Kemi and get some anti-emetics.”

“Don’t worry with the drugs, I’d be fine.”

I was not sure he heard this as he had dashed away, taking the stairs in twos. I started crying.

So, it is confirmed, I am pregnant.

“Baby, why are you crying? You only threw up now. Maybe the sweet potatoes from last night had actually gone bad and upset your stomach.”

“No… No… That’s not it… No.”

“What are you saying?”

I was about responding but the words were not forming and objects in the bathroom started blurring out. I could make out Bode calling my name for a while before everything went quiet and dark.


Waking up, I knew I was at The Heritage Hospital. There was a drip connected to my right arm. There was the hospital background noise of nurses shuffling between patients, orderlies changing bed pans and doctors reeling out instructions. I was the only one in the room. I slid my palm over my abdomen, shaking my head at the drama waiting to unfold.

“Mrs. Kuforiji, you’re awake…”

I wished at that moment that I was young and single again. Whatever meanings I was reading in this nurse’s eyes would be because I was single and pregnant. But right now, it felt like she knew that I had no idea who owned the pregnancy.

“Did you know you were pregnant?”

“I suspected. I was planning on getting those disposable kits before… before this morning.”

The nurse came closer to adjust my line.

“Have you been crying?”

I didn’t get the chance to even formulate a reply. This nurse launched into the story of my life and how she had always remembered to pray for me and Bode. She went to cite examples of many other couples she had prayed for who were now proud owners of their own children.

“You see, your tears of joy are very welcome.”

I smiled as widely as I could and asked for Bode.

“Yes, your husband was just so excited. He has gone to get some things from the house. He should be back soon.”

“Please, is Dr. Kunmbi around?”

“Definitely. You must have really passed out, out. He was the one that attended to you when you were brought in.”

I was tempted to ask if he knew I was pregnant but that would have been weird.

“Please when would I be discharged?”

“That’s up to Dr. Kunmbi. He said he’d like to still see you before you’re allowed home.”

I allowed myself to doze off after the nurse left. She seemed like a very chatty one and the last thing I wanted was an into-the-future expose of maternal woes and ails.


“Morenikeji mi…”
I knew it was Bode even before he called my name. he must have had a quick shower before coming back to the hospital. I could pick out the scent of his bath lotion.

“When were you going to tell me?”

“I was not sure yet. I didn’t want to jinx it.”

“The scan said you’re about two months gone.”


“The time of conception, to me, seems like that morning you got back from Tinuke’s place. You were so horny or maybe you were just trying to apologize with all the sexiness.”

I gave a half smile at the funny way he was smiling.

“You remember that day, right?”

How could I forget? That morning. The night before. The life altering events.

As I had suspected, I had a massive orgasm when the leader of the robbers had his way with me. I was embarrassed, angry, sad, and ashamed.
As he was taking off his belt when we first got into the room, I kept telling myself to get a grip. There was no way this thief was going to have the pleasure of thinking he pleasured me rather than raped me.

Alas, my sexual organs had other plans. Tiwa’s aggressive sex was not enough satiety. This thief’s slow, devoted dance could not be passed up.
I screamed out the orgasm and I could hear the other guys clapping and cheering from the kitchen. The leader had removed his mask just before he left the room, looking at me intently for few seconds.

After they left, I found my way to the sitting room and sat there in a stupor till daybreak. I knew Tiwa tried to hold me and apologize but I was not there in that space.

“I have to go now Tiwa. I told Bode I’d be back early.”

“Nike please say something. Please.’

“I already did. Take care of yourself. Bye.”

Back at home, Bode was still asleep. I launched myself on him, waking him up to pull down his boxers. I saw his confusion and surprise but paid no heed. I rode him, eyes shut tight through it all till he came hotly inside me.

“Okay… what was that?”

“I just… you know what… “

I quickly went down on him and gave him a quick, blowjob. As he was about cumming again, I put his penis inside me and looked at him as he poured into me again.

“I’m sorry I stayed out late. I did not even know time had gone that much. I’d get breakfast ready now.”

In the state he was in, he just nodded, muttering some okays and alrights.


“Babe, baby, come back…” Bode’s voice filtered into my ears and finally got to my mind. I snapped out of the memory and looked at my husband.

Is he the owner?

“Your eyes look teary. You okay?”

“I’m just overwhelmed Bode. After all these years…”

“I am too dear. And that, without any external manipulation. It’s just amazing.”

There was a knock at the door followed quickly by Dr. Kunmbi entering the room.

“The Kuforijis, big congratulations I must say!”

So he knows.

He had come to make sure I was fit for discharge and to remind me of my antenatal clinic schedule and the need to be regular.

“You know, first pregnancies are already risky on their own. Then, at your age, we would like to be very careful.”

“Alright doctor. Thank you so much. My wife here told me a lot about your encouragement and care. I apologize for staying away since you started talking about getting me tested. You know how we men can be sometimes. Can I still have the test now?”

“Oh yes…”

“Bode, is that still necessary? I mean, we have gotten pregnant.”

“I know. I want to do it for you.”

I gave him a smile and turned my face away from him and Dr. Kunmbi. I heard the door close before turning again.

“Do you know the father?” Tiwa was leaning against the door, looking at me.

“You’re the doctor. How am I supposed to know?”

“It’s your body. You should know,”

I rolled my eyes at him.

“What if the Seminal Fluid Analysis is bad?”

“Let’s cross that bridge when we get there. I can’t think right now.”

“What if the baby is mine?”

“Tiwa… please… Tiwa… just go.”

“A simple DNA test would tell you know.”

“And what explanation would I give Bode? What explanation would I give him for wanting a paternity test?”

“He does not have to know. He has been in the dark all this while, it won’t hurt him.”

“Tiwa, what if… what if the baby is not for either of you?”

He shook his head sadly and walked out after telling me I could go home any time from then.

A part of me also wanted a paternity test, not because of Bode or Tiwa but because of that third entirely unwanted guy in the picture.

I needed to rule in either Bode or Tiwa as the father.

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