Let’s Try This Again: The Comeback

It feels strange to be back here. I wonder what the spiders and roaches were up to while I was away. I am not sure if I even locked the doors and went away with the keys or if I left them wide open for whoever to trespass. In case you read anything that did not sound like me at any point, please just agree that it was not me. The cobwebs here are thick. THICK! The last post here was August last year. Almost a year anniversary. And it was barely even a paragraph. Scary. The last full post was in June and it took me three months to even complete that draft. I can feel my fingers asking my brain cells if they still remember what it means and feels to put up a blog post. Whatever, I am here now.

Do I even know what to type or where to begin? I have been having ideas in my mind for a while now. All of them pointing me back to this space. This place where I could share my thoughts and my imaginations… Take you to places I have been, want to be and may never be… Bring to life the characters that play word games in my mind when I am barely conscious of their actions – or mine. I have always seen here as our little treasure camp, where we meet, greet and anticipate every next moment.

I have been writing. Maybe not in the traditional sense. I have made attempts at stories, real and imagined. I have scribbled and typed and jotted things down with the intent of filling some moments of your days with something unique. Some attempts were just that, attempts. Others, well, scaled the fence and made the homerun. I will tell you; the very reason I stood up from the sofa, turning my back to the next episode of “Love, Death and Robots” and sat at this table, is an attempt I have not even begun.

I will share a brief concept of what it is and then let you in on the plan that’s forming in my mind. You might ask, “Why not wait till it is fully formed?” If I do, these cobwebs would be threads by the next time we meet again. So, please, allow me.

I was recently joking around with the KnighT. As usual. The joke somehow ended with him saying something about the earth being flat and I said but we face ups and downs and that’s why it just cannot be flat. I know, you will need more context to get the meat of the joke. What I gave you here is lean. However, this idea forming in my head came based on the thought that… maybe the if the ups and downs balance out, the earth could actually be flat. So, what I want to do is to give a flat earth view of life, my life, in the past year. This flat earth view would only be possible if I am able to give balanced stories of ups and downs faced. Therefore, for the next foreseeable weeks, I will be providing alternate stories. The aim; at the end, I must have an equal number of both sides.

These will be real stories. Names and actual locations will be changed, except for certain individuals who remain real, no matter what world I reference them in.

Now, that is the main idea. The theme would be, “Flat Earth Series” – ‘FES’. It might take a while to get those running. In the meantime, I would post some previous attempts and see what you have to say about them.

PS: Any writeup without the ‘FES’ tag does not count towards the main idea. Also, some of them would have no end from me. You would have to decide how they end. Or just join me in wondering what happened to the characters, like, “kilo pada sele si chief?” (“What eventually happened to chief?”)

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Eunice is a medical doctor, writer and photographer whose love for art compliments her dedication to health and science. She is interested in communicating health related issues in the simplest, yet artistic form and generally improving health status through awareness.

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