One Night Too Many 2.

Dr. Tiwa Kunmbi was handsome. I know some women would come for ,my head, but he was more handsome than Bode.

“Sister Nike, better don’t play with fire. Yes, he is a fine man. But nobody said anything about spending unnecessary time with him.”

“Tinuke don’t worry. He is a doctor, they have that their rule about not having amorous relationships with their patients. And I’m the only one with the attraction here.”

Or so I thought.
I was out shopping one day. The shopping was nothing serious seeing as there was a limit to the grocery needs of two adults who barely spent time together at home. I saw Dr. Kunmbi come into the shop, looking all fine and… different. He was in a black and yellow adire over a slightly faded blue jeans and black sneakers. His sunshade was perched over his forehead and his earphone was dangled across his neck. He looked so good!

Should I approach him? I can just admire from afar. Or just say hello and move on with my shopping.

While contemplating these, I saw that he had turned in my direction and meeting was going to be inevitable. I adjusted my Ankara shift dress and moistened my lips.

It would be a quick hello and bye and I’d go my way.

Two hours later, I was stepping out of my car parked behind his dark blue range rover, looking up at the door to his apartment.

“Tiwa, I don’t know, do you think this is a good step?”

In response, he took my hand in his and playfully dragged me towards the door. There, he looked down at me, at my lips, a strange intensity passing between us.

“Hmmm… sorry… “

I broke away and moved back a bit, gesturing for him to open the door. As soon as we were inside and he had locked the door, he pushed me gently to the wall, kissing me and holding my waist towards him. I was shocked by the way his tongue was working magic in my mouth and I was initially unable to respond.

He stopped for a while to ask me, “Am I doing it wrong?”

I smiled at him as I leaned forward on tiptoe to take his lips. I felt his hands going underneath my dress to stroke my thigh and I moaned. Those thighs had been starved of tender, loving care. I leaned closer to him as I allowed him explore my thighs in all directions.

This should be Bode. This should be in your husband’s house.

“Nike… Nike…”

I snapped out of whatever cloud level I had gotten to see Tiwa looking at me with a question in his eyes. Apparently, he had asked a question I did not hear.

“I said, what if he finds out?”

“He won’t. I’d make sure. Now stop talking and get those fingers moving forward.”

By the time he put me on his bed and spread my legs apart, I was thoroughly wet between my thighs and I had thrown all caution to the wind. With his every thrust inside me, I screamed his name. Not once did Bode come to mind. Not once.

It was late by the time I woke up and Tiwa would not hear of me going back home by myself.

“But you cannot drive me home either.”

“Just tell him you won’t be coming home tonight.”

I went to the sitting room to get my phone and saw six missed calls from Bode. There was also a text message from him that properly conveyed the anger I knew was boiling within him. His phone had barely rung before he picked the call.

“Where in God’s name have you been?!?”

“Bode, calm down. I am fine.”

“How am I supposed to calm down? I have called all your friends and none of them had a clue about your whereabouts. I called Tinuke but her phone was switched off…”

“Yes, I am with her. I… we got talking about some family issues and I lost track of time. I would be home before 7am tomorrow. Pele oko mi, joor ma binu.”

There was a long pause before he finally agreed that it was too late for me to come back that night.

“I’d be staying at home tomorrow. See you when you get back. Good night dear.”

Back in bed with Tiwa, we talked about everything else except what just happened. By the time I slept off, I was cuddled up to him like a baby.

I was not sure how many hours had passed since we both slept. I also was not sure what woke me but I sat up, listening, looking around, allowing my eyes adjust to the shadows and objects in the room. I heard some noise, like someone or something stumbling into things.

“Bode… I mean… Tiwa, wake up.”

I tapped him many times before he even blinked his eyes open at all.

“What is it dear?’

“Listen, can you hear that noise?”

“No Nike, it is nothing. Please let’s sleep. I have work in the morning.”

He rolled on his side and kept sleeping. I got up, deciding to find out what was making the noise. And if it was nothing, I would use the opportunity to get a cup of water.

Stepping into the kitchen, I switched on the light. What I saw sent shivers all through my body. I had seen people go numb at the sight of guns and always found it amusing. This time, being the one facing the guns was anything but amusing.

“So you guys finally wake up. Sex is indeed the best sleep therapy.”

There were three of them all in black clothes with masks over their faces. ,my knowledge of guns was close to zero but there were three short guns and a long one like those carried by soldiers. The guys looked so relaxed. Give them normal clothes, take away the guns and they would have fit the kitchen properly. Like a maggi seasoning advert.

“Are… are you guys… hungry?”

I stammered my stupid question as one of them led me to sit on the high stool close to the fridge.

“Go and wake the man. His snoring is damn distracting!”

I understood quickly that the one who had spoken both times and was leaning over the table, licking directly from the jam jar, was their leader. I had put on one of Tiwa’s shirts to sleep and its length was definitely not adequate.

“How do you sleep through that locomotor-like snoring? That guy is a heroic snorer. Jeez!”

I kept quiet. I had not had to sleep through Tiwa’s snoring… well, except that one night. That one wonderful night.

“How long have you guys been married?”

Again, silence. I was thinking to myself, if these ones had monitored the house for just a week prior to this, like they do in movies, I was sure they would have figured things out faster.

The third guy was back, pushing a very scared Tiwa into the kitchen.

“Oga, no female things in this house o. be like say na one night stand.”

“Oh really…?”

Their leader came to stand to my side, looking me up and down. I was shivering and my teeth chattering loudly. This one time I allowed myself be stupid, it seemed I had gone too far.

“Are you a prostitute?”

I was about to answer when he lifted my left hand and saw my wedding ring. At this point, I was already crying, preparing to kneel down and beg. They had taken all they wanted. If I had just stayed in bed, they would have gone and the drama in the morning would have been between me and Tiwa. But now…

“Oh, she is just a naughty wife. Has your husband been treating you bad? Or he cheated on you and this is your revenge mission?”

I was shaking my head nonstop.

“Don’t be scared dear…” Their leader was still looking at me.

I looked up and my eyes met with Tiwa’s eyes. I am certain I read fear in them, anger and frustration and there was an apologetic look too. If he was sorry, I was sorrier for myself.

“Uncle, so this is what you’ve been enjoying. See how fresh you look. I think I should have a taste too now. What do you think?”

In the time it took me to process what their leader was saying, Tiwa had gone flat on the tiled floor of his kitchen, begging them to kill him instead. One of the other two hit him with the butt of his gun.

As the leader led me back to Tiwa’s room, I was not sure if I was going to come out of that room alive, if I did, I was not sure if I would meet Tiwa alive. And if we both survived the night, I could not bring myself to think of what next.

At the door to the room, something strange started happening within me. I remembered those stories of women that somehow had an orgasm while being raped. Some confessed to it and the insults they received were unending.

What if the same happens to me? And I am a screamer.

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