Film House Cinema at Ventura Mall, Ibadan: Reviewed.

Let’s review cinemas.
Venue: Film House Cinema at the Ventura Mall, Ibadan.

1. Aesthetics: 3.5?. The natural ‘illumination’ of the viewing room itself makes it difficult to actually assess aesthetics. However, outside that dark place is a well lit waiting area with usually enough comfortable seats. With a good phone, you should be able to capture good images.

2. Capacity: 3.5?. On average days, you can enjoy your movie without having to greet your neighbor on either side. Because you won’t have neighbors. On blockbuster movie days though, your drink may well end up getting mixed up. The body odours hitting your nostrils may come with an intensity enough to knock you out. But, no one will have to carry anyone on their laps. No one.

3. Staff: 4?. They are usually friendly. Chatty. They can get overwhelmed though. Most of us are not there to talk, we are after the movie. So, it is easy to overlook the staff.

4. Pricing: 4?. All I have to say is, try out the cinemas in Lagos and see. I think the highest amount I’ve paid is ₦2000 for a movie. The cost of refreshments are off the chart but, again, try out Lagos.

5. LinkToExtraServices: 3.5?. In addition to the cinema, Ventura Mall has a gaming centre, restaurants; Cafe Chrysalis & Latitude Cafe and Lounge(quite expensive though) and boutiques (that I wonder who patronizes). The single ATM is not reliable.

Overall: 3.7?. Way to go?

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