What marks the beginning of cheating? Is it the first glance away from his ‘love’? Is it the first time he tells the other lady, “I like you”? Is it the moment the thought of cheating flips through his mind? Is every man set out to cheat? Does it actually take the Divine to stop him from looking beyond all that he needs to just what he wants?

His name was Michael and to everyone, he had the best of luck in his wife, Jenny. They had two beautiful daughters and a dog. They were not rich but they were comfortable. They were picture perfect. Every bachelor and spinster wished for a marriage and family like theirs. But when people talk of cheating just before a picture like this, we all know how it ends.

Six years into their marriage, Susan, Jenny’s secondary school classmate, had to stay with them for a week because she had unexpected issues with accommodation and their home was the closest and fastest alternative for the time being. She was single and searching, with a brief history of not so bad relationships that did not just end too good.

Michael loved late night snacks and every blessed night he came out, he found Susan close to naked on the sofa in the living room, smiling at him. She never said a word beyond the volumes spoken by her body. Her last night in their home was perfect as Jenny was to have a sleepover at her mum’s place. This time, she did not wait for him to come get the snacks, she took them to him. She left the next morning.

Michael did not touch her. He did not hug or caress her. He did not sleep with her.

“As long as it lies within my power and all circumstances within my control, and with God’s grace, I would never cheat on my wife.”

Cheating begins the moment you give allowance for a possibility.

It begins when you give your will power to circumstances that are not even definite to ever happen.

Who says you would find yourself with a gun pointed to your head with the demand to sleep with someone or be shot dead? Who says you would ever have to cheat to keep your job or get a promotion? Why are you even imagining that you might have to cheat to save your family or even your dear spouse?

Being faithful begins from now. And you don’t have to remind God to help you be faithful if you had no plan to be.

Dear future husband,

I, Princess Eunice Oladeji, promise to be faithful to you, every day of your life and mine, so help me God.


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Eunice is a medical doctor, writer and photographer whose love for art compliments her dedication to health and science. She is interested in communicating health related issues in the simplest, yet artistic form and generally improving health status through awareness.

7 thoughts on “I WILL. NOT.

  1. Interesting! Great! Good! Just want to add the place if being sensitive to unnecessarily exposing or dangerous circumstances.
    You know the bible tells us to take up our armour and fight the devil but when it comes to appearances of evil and youthful lusts, it says FLEE!! That tells us that it’s more endangering than the devil himself.
    Beautiful write-up!!
    God help us not to give our will power to any nonsense circumstance.
    Thanks for this

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