Becquerel: When She Gets All Lovey…

I had traveled to Ibadan for a week and was away from Becquerel in that time.

Returning to Osogbo, I realized I had missed her and was even wondering if she missed me too. (The way they grow on you ehn).

Yours truly, when I stepped into the house and Becquerel saw me, she sprang from her chair and ran to meet me. Few centimeters to contact, she hesitated, I could see the uncertainty; she wanted to hug me but was not sure if to or how to go about it.

It felt so good pulling her closer and hugging her to myself. The other guy living with us attempted to also get a hug but Becquerel shooed him off. She actually used her tiny body and arms spread wide as a barricade.

It was beautiful and a great pleasure.

Worry not, my Becquerel antenna was still in place, even though, I figured she would give me some breathing space.
Ladies and gentlemen, never assume with Becquerel.

Soon enough, I resumed kitchen duties and was cutting fish with her. The fish was quite scaly, Lady fish or something like that.

Becquerel had diligently removed the scales off one and from the corner of my eye, I saw her studying the fish.

Next thing, “Aunty ‘Unit’, this is the fish that swallowed Jonah.”

Hmmm…. But, but, I just got back now!!!

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2 thoughts on “Becquerel: When She Gets All Lovey…

  1. Wow! I’m just going through the whole Becquerel series( btw, how is this pronounced? /Bekerel/ or /Bekrel/), and this girl is a whole case study. You nicer know what’s up her sleeve. well done “aunty unit”, sure was an interesting chronicle.

    1. Awww. Well done dear. Loool, it’s /bekwerel/ in my head I guess. She is really a case study and a bowl of surprises. Thanks sweetie for taking time to read.

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