Becquerel: Before You Say Amen…

I think I have only heard Becquerel pray in english once and it was not a general prayer. 


Anyway, this day, days after I had been at home, Becquerel was asked to pray for us so we could go to bed. 


I never expected anything strange. Trust me. I mean, prayers are supposed to be harmless, right? Err, wrong. In Becquerel’s hands (read: mouth), nothing is harmless. Nothing.


So, her Prager begun, (Yoruba would be really helpful here):

” In Jesus name, in the mighty name of Jesus. Lord, receive our thanks. Lord, receive our worship. Lord, as we go to sleep, protect us (I was still relaxed till this point but with Becquerel, never ever let down your guard). Father, do not let us get lost. (I said it!!! Get lost? Where?) Father, do not let us have accident. (Kuku kee me. Where are you driving to in sleep that can make you get lost or have accident for God’s sake???)

I told myself I was not going to laugh. I purposed deeply in my heart to leave God to decipher the prayers.

But, that’s how I opened one eye and saw the confused look on my mum’s face and I lost it.


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4 thoughts on “Becquerel: Before You Say Amen…

  1. We will not ‘lost’ or ‘have accident’ in dreamland!?? Go and put on your imagination cap my dear.??

  2. Some people sleep walk na, some roll of the bed. Dr PEO you need to think outside the box and say a big amen to such prayers o

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