Becquerel: The End.

I have mixed feelings about ending this series of stories. The thing is, Becq is still dishing out epic comedy at home and it’s always so tempting to share these events. Last night was another grand comedy show. I laughed and forgot about decorum. However, i promised 11 days and that’s what i’m giving. I really appreciate all my readers, friends and supporters for the love. We can look forward to better and more interesting series. Enjoy!


So we got talking about phones the other day. Prior to that, I had given a stern warning right from day one that my android phone was out of bounds to her. At that moment, I said, “My phones are out of bounds…”, so I actually included my Nokia torchlight too.

However, in my jovial big sister state one day, I allowed her play with the Nokia torchlight.

Oh well, when I got it back…
* The background light/color was now a greenish brown instead of blue.
* My ringtone was now ” meow, meow”.
* Discreet theme had been changed to loud
And I was not sure whose phone it was again.

I resolved even more to keep the android phone from her. Only God knows what havoc would be wrecked if she gets a hold of that one.

So, Becquerel, on the phone conversation day, said i was not supposed to have a phone yet, that I was still too small.

Guys, I had to explain, the 100th and billionth time, that I have finished, that I am a doctor.

The lady was not done with me. She continued,

“If you are a doctor, why are you not working.”

… COMUI, your question.


(Yesterday, this question was answered to some extent when we received news… Via phone… That our friends and classmates have been discharged and acquitted. They stood for truth. And helped many of us also take a stand. To the 13 Rushians, all the love from Becquerel and Dr. PEO )

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