A big thank you for your patience. Thank you to all readers who pushed for this second season of my tales with Becquerel. I sincerely hope these eleven days are enjoyable for us all. Bon appetit!

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For a long time, I did not notice. In fact, it was not something I considered worthy of noting or looking out for. But, that morning, I woke up and observed, for the first time, that only my toothbrush was in the bathroom. Also, it clicked in my head that Becquerel’s sponge was never wet, yet she always had her bath before me.

The possibilities in my head were weakening and I did not want to explore them but what kind of sister would I be?

“Becquerel, where is your toothbrush?”

“It is in my bag.”

Alright. She did not want the brushes to mix up. She did not want it exposed to the elements. She did not want it to get lost. No need to panic.

“Did you brush this morning?”

“No, ma. I was running late for school.”

“What of yesterday… day before yesterday… last week…?” I could sense my knees buckling and quickly reached out for a seat.

“It used to waste my time joor.”

“How many hours does it take you to brush again? Don’t your classmates tell you your mouth is smelling? Don’t they move away when you speak to close to them?”

And then Becquerel laughs.

“Aunty Unit, all of us in school… our mouths smell. Ko need.”

Oh. Kill me.

“If you knew you won’t use the toothbrush, why did you collect it? We could have just gotten kpako for you.”

“Ha, bring it! I LIKE KPAKO!”

I did not know her razzness was this deep. Sincerely.

I think it was the threat of losing all her teeth and becoming like an old woman that made her rethink her stance. And as for the always dry sponge, that would be intervention for another day.

*Ko need: It isn’t needed/necessary.

* Kpako: Chewing stick.

*** In Our Family ***

At the dining table, we all settle down to bless the food after it has been served. Usually, someone is asked to bless the food at random. If you because of one Spirit decide to elongate the prayers, you are asking for trouble.

– Others will leave you and your prayers and start eating.

– Your food will be taken away from you… Literally.

– Everybody will shout “in Jesus name we have prayed” at the same time to just shut you up.

You have been warned.


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