Before my lady resumed school again, she was ravenous in the way she read the storybooks that abound on our book shelf at home. It was unusual to find her without a book in her hand. It was really admirable.

And it reflected in her vocabulary; she started using big big words for all of us at home.

“The reason why I gesticulate a lot while talking is so as to decorate what I mean.”

In as much as that sounds sensible when you have the Becq-modified-eardrums, it is not right. If you don’t know the word she intended to use, you may just be related to Becq. Ask people around.

Anyway, the reading was good and encouraged. Then school resumed. Nobody expected her to totally drop the storybooks but, we expected some level of seriousness with reading her school notes.

Well. She had other ideas. Notes were not copied on time, not copied well… and not read. So, I confronted her.

“Why don’t you have notes, like proper notes for the subjects you’re taking?”

“The teachers are too fast and sometimes, I don’t finish writing before they clean the board. So, I copy from my classmates.”

“Oh, you copy from them. That is good. I also had to do that sometimes in secondary school. But if that is the case, you should not have incomplete notes…”

“Ehhh, those classmates, it is rubbish they copy jare.”

You guys remember the parable of a speck in your neighbour’s eye and a log of wood in yours? So, she was not keeping up with her own notes but those that were had to be insulted.

“Okay, so, why don’t you read your books?”

Ko need, I already know everything they are teaching us in that school.”

Okay. I give up.

*** In Our Family ***

Night prayers aren’t meant to be deliverance sessions. In fact, we sometimes only gather to share the grace before dispersing to our rooms.

However, if the prayers get prolonged, certain things are bound to happen.

– Mummy will leave you and your prayers to yourself. Her prayers continue in the sleep realm.

– Half of what you are saying won’t be heard and the other half won’t even exist. There’s a big difference between, “Daddy, I didn’t hear that” and, “Daddy, you didn’t say that.”
– And more recently, Becquerel will be left asleep after we have all gone to our rooms. Deliberately. Don’t you dare shake your head.

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