Becquerel: Putting Dreams into Action.

So, Becquerel has great dreams and aspirations. Oh, she said she wants to read medicine. I’m like, “Okay, do your thing.”

Her other aspiration is the basis for today’s narration.

I was in the room that day when Becquerel came in, wet. Note, only her head and face were wet.

I thought to myself, “maybe it is just the rain”.

That Becquerel antenna in me was nudging me to probe but I pushed it aside. Please, it was too early in the morning to be hit by the madam. I continued chatting with my inner circle of friends on WhatsApp and forgot about Becquerel.

Minutes later, I had to get something from the kitchen. Who do I see? Becquerel. And she was wet, again, same specifications.

This time, I listened to my Becquerel antenna.

” What have you been up to? Why is there water on your head? “I asked with some expectation of weirdness in my voice already.

Girl shook her head excitedly like a dog that just had a shower and dashed off and away.

Okay. What we said father should not hear of, it is father that will resolve it.

I stalked her. Yes, it had reached that point. When I finally caught her, I found her dipping her head and face into a drum of collected rain water.

When I found my voice, I asked, “What in God’s name are you doing?”

Ladies and gentlemen, drum rolls…

Becquerel, astonishing since day one, replied, “SWIMMING”.

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