Let Me Tell…

I will tell you of dusk and dawn

Of nights that fade into days and nights

Of things that steal smiles at times

Of steps that drag from foot to foot.

Listen, I will tell you of sweat and blood

Of risks and dangers

Of fatigue and despair

Of mistakes and mishaps.

I will also tell you of plastered smiles

Of covered limps

Of aching backs

Of strained arms.

But with these…

Let me tell you the tales of love

Of sacrifices and lives on the line

Of decisions made for the safety of one and one again

Of efforts, endeavors and investments.

Let me tell you of stethoscopes and sphygs

Of ward coats, scrubs and crocs

Of needles, cannulas, and vials

Of theatre, emergency and wards.

Let me tell you of a doctor.

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