You Have Not Restarted Your Brain in Thirty Days.

“Citizens, this is the third and last reminder to present yourselves at the state headquarters for the monthly Cerebral Service Restarting (CSR). As you are aware, failure to do so within a week of this announcement equals instant transfer to Area 0Z as the government would not take responsibility for anyone’s brain malfunction and eventual transformation to a Z.”

“Commander, what is the current status report on Area 0Z?”

“As secure as you can imagine. Citizens are doing well, businesses booming and families budding. Of course, the actual Zs are still in the dark and would remain so.”

“Good, Commander, very good. Let us ensure it remains so.”

“Krionn, what do you mean by you won’t be going for the CSR? Do you even realize what that would mean to you? To us, your family? Apart from becoming a, you would be tearing our family apart. They would take you from us and we would never see you again. Ever heard of Area 0Z? Know what that means?”

“Mum!!! This is all brainwashing! How do you not see it??? The CSR is what makes people Zombies!!!”

“Shhh!!! We do not use that word. Do you see how your brain has started to dysfunction? You are already showing symptoms. I am not allowing this! Get into the car, right now! I am driving you to the state headquarters myself.”

“Alright ma’am, your son is all restarted. Please have a nice day and keep an eye on this young man right.”

“Thank you, officer.”

“Officer Serst, please bring the stamp here would you? That would make his file Krionn-Z110.”

Muse: Elevate App and my brother J.


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