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My role at the students’ holiday camp was to be the timekeeper. My voice woke people to start the day’s activities. Yes, my voice woke her up and i could feel her sleepy-eyed smile through the wall of her room. My voice heralded the end of Bible study sessions and almost chased the lessons from her mind. I knew she waited for it, my voice accompanied with the sound of the bell.

That night before departure, as i danced and sang along with the others, i could feel her eyes on me. I could hear her smile, “Akin, aren’t you just troublesome?” I was eager to keep in touch with her beyond the present and I thought she would gladly give me her phone number. Alas, she refused, asking us to leave our fate to fate. I had no faith in that.

I was hurt. I refused to glance her way the next day. We parted without saying goodbye.

Years down the line, she gained admission into the higher institution where i was already studying. We had got talking sometime along the way and having her in the same location was just superb. I took her around, helped with her registration and made her as comfortable as i could. I cared. She was still the same, shy and funny with a thing for me.


She sent me a message on my birthday, “i have two gifts for you”. Right after the little party i had, which she could not attend, i went down to her hall of residence. We walked. Talked. Laughed. Shared thoughts. I could see a sparkle in her eyes.

“Akin, stand still, close your eyes…”.

She kissed me. Bold. Light. Fast. She called it my first gift. I was surprised. It had not crossed my mind that she would ever give me anything more than a big bear hug. I don’t recall the second gift but… the first… an impression.

She was definitely swimming in some deep sea of emotions. I didn’t know if she totally understood those feelings herself. I was worried. My feelings were different… she had become more of a lil sister to me. I told her.

She was hurt. She refused to glance my way for a while. But she returned in the years after she understood.

I am in a relationship now. Years after.

“Akin, were you my first kiss?”


4 thoughts on “WERE YOU?

  1. Adedayo says:

    Very Gripping… Had a similar experience. You’ll something play it through your mind and have a wry smile.

    Great write-up


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