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This messed up feeling doesn’t leave
I thought i had it locked out
Discovered twas locked up… in me
You would not believe, no, you won’t.

How badly things have gone since then
Since you walked out and shut me out
I thought twould be the same again
I thought wrong. You really left.

And i’m left here, stuck to you
Unable to move on, unable to love
My heart still feels your absence
Hoping it would end someday

Make me free, someday, I hope
Help me let go. Help me leave and live
I have tried so hard on my own
And it hurts. It really does, you know?

Why? Stuck on you. Why?
Clenched fists. Gritted teeth.
Why? Did you leave. Why?
Tears unshed. Words unsaid.


This could be post break-up or post death of the love of your life. What do you think?

5 thoughts on “TO: THE LOST ONE

  1. iblaze007 says:

    Loool… Awesome! Makes sense for both post-breakup and post-season loss… Though the break up has to be a mutual one.
    I’d take it for friends with mutual attractive feelings but don’t seem to see a future between themselves.

    1. drpeo says:

      Lool. Blaze, a nice angle that is.
      Although some ask if there can be real mutual attraction that defies future possibility?

      1. iblaze007 says:

        Human beings are becoming more complex as the days go by. Especially when conservative views jam liberal views…
        Classic illustration for the context of ur post-breakup write-up – two people from different religions being attracted to each other but for their opposing religious views know better than to pursue a future together.

        1. drpeo says:

          #applause. That is indeed a classic illustration. Sad though


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