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About two days ago, I asked a friend for a lullaby to get me to sleep and she sent me the above song. I hope you noticed it was a ‘she’. If you know this song, you would agree with me it is a far cry from a lullaby unless you are currently heartbroken and your mind is working on reverse psychology.

Summary of the song is that the lady’s heart has been ‘stolen’ by a guy. So she calls him tiff… “Ole”. Smh, people making ‘ole’ sound so cool and innocent.

This reminds me of some really hungry thieves who used to visit us when I was still very little. My knowledge of these thieves comes from often repeated stories from my brothers and my mother. 

These guys came the first day and tried to present themselves as sophisticated thieves who order people to open their doors or get blown into pieces. Even though they didn’t have the equipment, they had the voice and appropriate moves. This was my family’s first experience with them, so, the fear was great and the trembling much. Mother opened the door. These guys ordered the whole family into the sitting room and after instilling the fear of God in us, went about ransacking the house for money.

 Note, father was a missionary and mother, a teacher in the late ’90s, with two boys and a baby girl, moi.

 After a futile search, they were so annoyed. And hungry. Their eyes settled on a crate of eggs sitting on the kitchen table. Summary is, mother fried the whole crate for them that time. Over the next months, they would arrive unannounced, knock on the door and mother would cook for them and send them on their way. They were still thieves, hungry thieves, but they had been domesticated. 

I’m trying to link this story with the Simi song, so, please stay with me. And don’t ask me why I’ve been writing on thieves. 

A guy who intends to ‘steal’ a lady’s heart must have assumed her heart is worth stealing. Like those thieves, he’d come prepared, armed, to ensure he gains entrance. Of course, he does not have to come with blazing fire. Sometimes, he can just let himself in, if he has the key.

When he finally comes in, he intends to find the treasures he envisioned. Two types of thievery here though; one aims to tiff and leave. The other aims to tiff and keep. Either ways, he needs to find the treasures first.

Unfortunately, he may meet the lady as those thieves met our house then… Empty…

Two things can happen;

 He can leave and tell other intending ‘tiffs’ that the lady has nothing to offer. And trust guys, he would paint a graphic picture of the poverty he met with her. This, not necessarily because he cares about other intending tiffs but so he would be the only one who went to a ‘barren’ land and came back alive.

Or, he can do what those thieves that came to our house did… Settle and be satisfied.


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Eunice is a medical doctor, writer and photographer whose love for art compliments her dedication to health and science. She is interested in communicating health related issues in the simplest, yet artistic form and generally improving health status through awareness.

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