PEO: What was the first thing you disliked about him?
Her: The very same thing i first liked about him; he was perfect. Oh, before we really met, i thought he was proud… I can’t remember the explanation.

PEO: What’s your idea of Mr. Perfect?
Her: Mr perfect is somebody who loves God, loves himself and is able to love me within God’s concept. Oh,he must love other people too not just me. Lest i am just a fleeting emotion.

PEO: What percentage of this idea did he meet when you met him?
Her: from day one, i knew this one was different…he did not fit the description… the description fit him.☺.

PEO: Has there ever been a moment of doubt?
Her: Nahhhh…perfect love casts out all fear.

PEO: When did he push you to your highest threshold of jealousy?
Her: jealous of who??? Plix, i am a queen. I am reminded multiple times everyday. Jealousy is either of two things; insecurity or trust issues. I am not a “partaker” of either.

PEO: What is his favorite line/word/phrase?
Her: favorite phrase… it has to be ‘have you eaten’ or ‘what are you eating’ or ‘eku’ or ‘lol’.

PEO: What is the best thing he has done for you and/or given you?
Her: this one is hard gaaaan oooo…the best lasting thing i can think of is the gift of a ‘personal person’ that is always there through it all; on my happy days, on my cranky days, on the hyperactive days and on the silent days. It’s like having an extension of me that balances the scale.

PEO: Let’s meet him.
Her: Wada Ojima. Wait till i write a book. Or meet him in person.

PEO: How did he ask you out?
Her: You really want to know that, come for our wedding. It involves our favorite spot in UI.

PEO: Is he a good hugger or kisser?
Her: ?????????????
‘Feels like heaven in earth’..don’t ask me which.

PEO: If you found out he is cheating, what would be your reaction?
Her: lets say pigs dont fly …

PEO: Who do you think is more committed to the relationship?
Her: A relationship is made up two complete people complementing each other and staying comitted. Some days its 50.50, some days its 70.30, some days its 30.70. Who is more comitted… you be the judge.

PEO: Do you believe in love at first sight?
Her: That wasn’t the case here. This was love after years of ‘sight’. It was a case of i was blind, now i can see.

PEO: Any divine influence on your saying yes to him? A dream? A Scripture?
Her: Divine influence? Me i dont understand oo. Dream..divine scripture..nah…i did pray about him. It wasn’t a ‘sudden’ event… i don’t even know when it happened.

PEO: And your valentine message to him…?
Her: Every day on this journey with you has been a blessing. (In pastor TM’s voice): because there’s more God can do, there’s more we can become. I look forward to a future together with you exceedingly abundantly above all we can ask or think..May we never lose our wonder!!! PS-let’s start with Mrs ***** ****(drops mic..takes a bow..runs off).

PEO: What is your best moment with her like? What are you doing or saying?
Him: My personal best moment with her is probably when I tickle her then she laughs out so loud. It’s kind of the easiest way to bring out laughter. She claims she doesn’t like it though but I think she enjoys it.

PEO: If you were to ask her out again, what would you say and/or do?
Him: Hmmm, I guess that night was perfect ?
I don’t think I’d have said or done anything differently.

PEO: What was the first thing you liked about her?
Him: hmm first thing I liked about her is kind of hard to say because I knew her first in secondary school then university. I guess the first thing is her smartness. She’s so smart. Everyone knew that. She’s the smartest lady I know. But for UI, it was her personality. I saw the real her, her totality woowed me.

PEO: What is her favorite song(s)?
Him: Songs.. well obviously hillsong music ?
“What a beautiful a name”.

PEO: What is that funny/weird habit she has?
Him: Haaaaa! she had this habit of picking her face and her back which caused the spots to come up over time. We have prayed to our maker and she has received the grace to stop it through Jesus Christ.

PEO: How do you know when she is unhappy?
Him: It’s so obvious; her countenance. She has this unique long face she puts on. Then she would speak with short phrases with no vigor.

PEO: What is the best thing she has done for you or given you?
Him: Biggest thing she has given me… hmmm the birthday card last year. It really took a lot of effort. I appreciate that. Then the countless stews since UI days, I can’t forget. God bless her huge.

PEO: Let’s meet her.
Him: Opeyemi Amusa. She’s just pulchritudinous??.

PEO: What is that one thing you would like her to improve on?
Him: Would have said the disturbing of face and back but God is already at work in her. So nothing.

PEO: Is she a good hugger or kisser?
Him: Haaa she’s a good hugger.

PEO: If you find out your genotypes are incompatible, would you still go on with the relationship?
Him: Me I don’t care about the whole genotype thing , I don’t even know mine. So I’d definitely go on. Thank God she’s AA, so we don’t have to go through that.

PEO: Who do you think is more committed to the relationship?
Him: I think we are equally committed. Everyone expresses their love in different ways so it’s difficult to know who’s more committed. My strength is her weakness and vice versa.

PEO: Do you believe in love at both first sight?
Him: Love at first sight… yeah I believe in it.

PEO: When did she push you to your highest threshold of jealousy?
Him: Hmmm to my highest threshold of jealousy. I guess it was before we started dating, there was one dude she was almost always with. If she wasn’t with me, it was that guy. I don’t know if he planned it but anytime I was with her he must call and message like continuously. My friends even noticed. Well, that was the highest.

PEO: And your valentine message to her…?
Him: Happy Valentine’s Day baby booboooo. Snookumsnookum!!! I am coming for my valentines dinner and 5000 naira transportation fare.

Phew! That’s it! Oh, were you waiting for “when is the wedding?” Bleeh! We celebrate love when we see it. This is why we appreciate those already married and those on the way to marriage. There are many singles ‘looking up’ to you, so, let your love lives be great examples. You may not be perfect but at least, try! This article did not come because today is 14th February. It came because… i had it coming all along. Lol.

Happy Valentine’s Day Able-bae!


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