If Love Can Defy All Odds, What Excuse Does Hatred Have?


“You. Raped. Me.”

“What!?!? No way! You wanted it just as much as I did. Don’t even try to pull that stunt with me. I have proof! I have evidence, Lolo! Rape, how? This is not our first time for God’s sake.”

They both glance at me for a fraction of a second before turning to face each other again.

“Oh, so because I said yes the other times, you think this can’t still count as rape? Have you been missing on Twitter? If she says no mid-thrust, it is still rape if you go on.”

“Just shut up! This is not Twitter. And if your orgasms serve my memory right, you kept saying yes over and over. Yes, Abbey! Yes, yes, yes Abbey…”

Abiodun’s voice had risen to a girly, high pitched whine as he tried to mimick Lolo in bed.

Lolo smiled wickedly and traced a finger down his cheek, “I really say that?”

At this point, I feel the professional need to step into the conversation and hope my revulsion does not show. Something tells me the storm is not over just yet.

“So… Will you be having the baby?”



I was not even sure who to be most surprised at. Most times, in my experience, the females are unsure about their next step and often need time to process things. They never give definite answers at first. And for one who came to the family clinic under the pretense of being married, I did not expect Lolo to be so sure about wanting to keep the pregnancy.

And as for Abbey, I was surprised that he was not even looking at Lolo who was carrying the pregnancy. Maybe it was how I thought things should be but I was not expecting his answer to be so definite without considering her. Or maybe he assumed she also wouldn’t want the pregnancy. Or maybe he was trying to be the man. Or maybe his fear was not even allowing him process his answer.

“Lolo, are you sure about this? Do you need me to call anyone? Your parents maybe?”

“No need for that. We are old enough to make our own decisions. At least, I am.”

“You are not 21years old, Lolo… Maybe 17.” I lean back in my chair to study her. She sure sounded more mature than her age and would have no issues claiming such an age but I knew better.

“I am 18 years and I am keeping this child, doctor.”

“But I thought you said you were raped…”

“I was joking.” She flips her hair, which I am sure is some expensive natural hair wig, and looks at Abbey who at this point looks spent. He licks his dry lips before speaking in a desperate tone.

“Lolo, what would dad and mum say? What would the church say? Are you even thinking of those things? Are you?”

“You do have a lot to learn. I did this on purpose, little brother.”

Now, it is my turn to hide my shock. These two are related? What in God’s name?!?! How am I to deal with this? And the girl is older… Wow. I need to tread carefully.

“Lolo, do you want to discuss this with me? You seem to have a plan… That does not involve Abbey…”

“Doctor, do you know Grace Hilltop Centre?”

I had heard of the place but I was not sure what it had to do with our discussion.

“Yes, but how has this…”

“Our parents own the church. Pastor Goke and Aduke Adejobi.”

“Wait”, I face Abbey, “You are Abiodun Adejobi? I thought you were an only child…”

“Yes. Lolo is my step-sister.”

I let out a breath I was not aware of holding. There was the part of doctor-patient confidentiality, then the part of one client being legally capable while the other was not, then what was I supposed to do about this unknown plan of Lolo’s?

“Lolo, why again are you doing this?”

“It’s simple, isn’t it? I want to disgrace my parents.”

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