Dear male or female reading this, let me first drum this into your head, “you are handsome/beautiful. You are awesome and amazing. Intelligent. Creative and above all, a bonafide human being who should be treated as such”.

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1. Once upon a time, I knew a lady who would go the extra mile to please just about anyone and everyone. Do not be like her. You are not ‘choci-choci’ or ‘parago’. In all your niceness, you cannot please all.

2. This young man would keep accepting her back each time she comes back. Yet, days after, she would insult him and call him names, saying he does not deserve her. He believes her, he does not seem worthy of such a beautiful lady. Pleaseeeee!!! But you deserve someone with the right character, the right attitude and approach to things.

3. The love of money is the root of all evil. Money is good but if the reason she is sticking around is because you should inherit all your father’s wealth once he dies, chase her away! She can like to smother him to death if he does not die quickly. Just saying…

4. Your friends keep telling you that this guy does not deserve you and that in love matters, you can do better than him. Yet, you keep making excuses, saying, “but he has his good sides too”. Babe, you will be shocked! In the multitude of (true, honest) counsellors, there is safety. Your friends  (if indeed they are) mean the very best for you and if they are like mine, won’t sit back and watch you make a fool of yourself. Trust me.

5. He keeps pushing you to do what you are not comfortable with. He tells you, “if you don’t, I won’t push you. But you do know that many others are queuing up to do that and much more”. Sweetheart, you are not ‘many others’. Flee!

6. She loves you. And loves him. And loves Sola. And loves Dele. Even your brother, who is married, she loves. Of course if it is the love of God, be rest assured. But you can see the greed in her eyes, the unquenchable lust. Guy, the back door is always open, do yourself a favor, gerrrrout of there.

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7. Oh, the ones that latch on to you, yet do not totally belong to you. You have told them you love them over and over. They tell you they are not ready but they LIKE you too. Yet, they expect you to spend ALL your time, money and energy on them. If you mistakenly look elsewhere, they accuse you of double mindedness. Yet, they never show signs of reciprocating your love. If your name is patience, good luck to you. But this life is full of many other things to achieve. Get up, get out and get going! Thank me later…

8. Finally…
If she loves you and cares about you, goes out of her way to make you glad, improves on herself especially for you, prays for you, factors you into her thoughts and decisions. If she respectful, asks for forgiveness for every slight error/mistake, if she is all that goodness… do not let her go. Let her know you value her and your love for her equals her love for you… if not more. She is one of the unique ones.

Ladies… same with a guy that fits that profile.

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Eunice is a medical doctor, writer and photographer whose love for art compliments her dedication to health and science. She is interested in communicating health related issues in the simplest, yet artistic form and generally improving health status through awareness.

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