Sian… Why You Should Be Like Her.

Sian. An English name that means Jehovah has been gracious, has shown favor. Welsh name for God is gracious, God’s gift. (

I believe every child is God’s gift. And unlike popular but fading African belief, having a female child is God being gracious.

So, every female out there, you are SIAN. Or at least, you should be.

1. End from the Beginning

Many of us ladies know from the start a guy that just wants to hurt us. “From the start” is quite relative though. However, somewhere along the line of getting all mushy over a guy, we know if he is true or not.

2. The Expectation

We all love love and the idea of being in love with that one guy that would turn our lives around. Yeah right. First of all, if your life refuses to allow auto-turn-around, there is a problem. Then, when you leave the workings of your life to a guy… to either succeed or not, boundaries would be crossed. That guy would go overboard, thinking he owns you.

3. As a Sian…

You are meant to guard your heart with all jealousy. Any guy that tries to play the demon with whatever schemes and plans he has should be warned. And if he refuses to listen, should be lost to the wind. Away from your life. Far away.

4. The Knowing

Let every guy know that they can’t hurt you. They have no access whatsoever to make you cry. If they try to hurt you, they end up hurting themselves. It would be attempting to hit a rock with bare toes. You’d just watch them, wondering why they have chosen to make fools of themselves.

5. And at the End

Watch as they leave. Shoulders high, chin up, eyes straight ahead. You’re Sian. You are not just any girl. Or lady. You are different. Let them be the ones licking their wounds. Let them be the ones grateful to have made it alive… Cos they tried to break an unbreakable.

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