One Night Too Many 9.

I’m certain if Bode had looked at my face a split second earlier, he would have seen the shock and disbelief boldly stamped on it. By the time he looked though, I had readjusted my face to the joyful, shyly grateful wife who was happy her affair was not forever stamped on her life.

“Dr. Ganiyu, this is great. This is… This is just.. Awesome. Thank you.” Bode was practically dancing round the room.

Turning toward me, he had this evil smile on his face, “Please can I call Dr. Kunmbi to share the good news?”

“Bode!!! Be nice. I’d tell him myself.”

He stayed while I made the call and kept the evil smile on throughout. After I dropped the call, Bode’s countenance changed. He cleared his throat and gestured for my hands.

“Nike, let’s pray… I know it’s been ages since we last did this together but I think that’s all I can do right now.”

So, Olabode Kayode Kuforiji, my husband of over ten years, held my hands in that hospital room and thanked God for the gift of the new life he had added to us.

Later that day, towards evening, Bode had just stepped out to get some things from the car when Ayotunde came into my room. And Tinuke was with him. I looked up at Tinuke, wondering if she had indeed broken up with him.

When Ayotunde had asked me to talk to her, I actually did. I called her and was positively surprised when she picked up on the first ring.

She first went on and on about how she wished things had turned out differently for me and how she feels so bad that she was the one that brought such a major reminder of that night right to me.

“But how could he keep such a thing from me? He raped my own sister?!?”
I could sense from her voice that she had been crying and she also had a sorethroat.

“Because he loves you. I’d probably still have to see a psychologist after all this settles down but I think Ayotunde has really changed and he wants something serious with you.”

“So you want me to forgive him?”

“No. I want you to break up with him.”

Telling her that had been a great risk but I was banking on the fact that Tinuke was fond of doing the exact opposite of whatever I told her to do. So when she walked in with Ayotunde, I could only hope she had stayed true to herself.

“We met Bode on the way. He told us. Congrats sister mi.”

Apparently, Ayotunde had told her about the paternity test. And Bode being the father had suited them just fine.

“So… You guys are back together or what?”

Both of them nodded and smiled. I was also glad, especially for Tinuke. This was her longest relationship ever and from the look of things, Ayotunde was going to put a ring on it soon enough.

“Tinuke, call daddy and mummy, tell them they can come and visit us… And their grandson as soon as they can.”

“Sister Nike.. Serious or just joking?”

“Please call them and stop being all emotional jare.”

I sent a message to Dr. Ganiyu through one of the nurses that I’d be going home the next day. Bode came back to meet Tinuke and Ayotunde and they all spent time with me, discussing plans for the naming ceremony and our movement back to Akure as soon as the baby was deemed fit enough.

The next day, as we were moving out of my room, Dr. Ganiyu came.

“Doctor, i thought you were not going to come see me off. I know you’re missing me already.”

She laughed and pulled me in for a warm embrace.

“I have a little gift for you.” She handed me a small brown envelope.

“Wow! Thank you so much Dr. Ganiyu. Bode, you see why I said more females should specialize in obstetrics and gynaecology? If it was a male doctor that first hugged me and then gave me a gift now…”

“Hmm, no more male doctors for you o. They’ve made me see how you’re still much of a prized possession. Morenikeji, not again. All male doctors should keep off. Thank you so much Dr. Ganiyu, you saved my wife and son and we’re certain you did your very best for our daughter.”

As we drove towards Siju and Toni’s house, I peeped into the brown envelope and saw a beautiful greeting card.

And another envelope marked, “ORIGINAL RESULTS”.

I smiled. Dr. Ganiyu is one surprising woman.


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