Mummy, How Are you Enjoying That Bag?

Some months before I started housejob, I went shopping with my mother and sister. We were, by faith, preparing for the induction whose date was yet unannounced as at that time. From their excitement, one would wonder if they were the ones getting inducted or me. They were all about should we wear matching clothes, colors or try and blend them? What kind of bag should we carry? Should we get free flowing gowns or bodycons? I, on the other hand, just wanted not to be naked, free enough to snap pictures and walk without disgracing myself. Nothing too dramatic.

I also knew our options in Osogbo were limited. The prospects were not encouraging at all. If we were going to Ibadan to do this shopping instead,  I would have been more pumped. I was almost certain that I was not going to be getting any footwear in Osogbo, that one was certain.

Well, we got to the market, went round once, twice, by the third time, we were just talking and planning how to get back home. Then we happened upon a shop that had some bags close to what we wanted… Or better put, what mum wanted. The silver bag came in a big size and a smaller one, a two in one package. We did the bargaining and somewhere in between, I think I mentioned contributing to buy the bags if i could pick one of them.

Bag bought, we were ready to go home.

So, who goes with which? I was the young one who should go for the chic bag, right? And mum enjoyed packing load in her bags, so she should have gone for the bigger one. Nah. Suddenly, mum wanted the smaller bag. Suddenly, she did not want a big bag. Suddenly, I had to settle for the big bag. I totally am the kind of female who prefers backpacks to the lady kind of bags. My opting to even pay for those kind of bags was just me hoping to grow into liking it. And now to be saddled with a grandmother’s bag?!?! I was not pleased. But, i accepted my fate.

Induction came and went. Housejob came and I had to move. I contemplated not carrying the bag because, really, who would carry it and to where? However, Debby persuaded me to just take it along.

Fast forward to eight months after and I am eternally grateful for that bag. No matter how spacious my cross body bags are, they are never enough to contain my toiletries, change of clothing, cover cloth, ward coat and other things needed while on call. I have lived out of that bag for a week. Fully packed, I have used that bag as a pillow.

If I had taken that other, smaller bag, I would have eventually had to find something bigger. And with the way Abeokuta is, I would have had to pay so much more.

It has taught me that in the doctor’s life, function and comfort are very important… Sometimes more than fashion.

Of course, I see heels but I think of slides, crocs and flats first. I see body fitting gowns but something free enough for me to dash up and down and fast enough would come to mind first. I see the million braids and other hairstyles but I may favor wigs for a long time.

The down side to all these is that when we then have to be outside the hospital environment, far from work, we find ourselves lacking in some should-haves. But, do we care? Maybe a little. But usually not enough to make us go all out purchasing those things instead of the ‘norm’.

So, mummy mi, how are you enjoying that bag?

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