Multiple Job Rejections? You Need You Some Crazy.

My brother says not to fall into that trap.

“They make you believe that all you are worth is just that. A uniform, long hours and aching feet from normally comfortable shoes that have given their default setting the middle finger and resorted to inflict the worst pain on you for subjecting them to the horror called your job.”

He really did not say all that stuff after the first period but he did not have to.

“There are myriads of opportunities over there. Look for them. Seize them by whatever appendage they possess. And if they have none, fix them some and get them!”

You must know, this time, that my brother’s actual words end with the first… period. Every other thing after that is what my brain eventually translates his actual words into and as you must have noticed, they are borderline crazy.

But, who is not crazy? We all are. We just have different game modes we are operating in. Simple. Trust me, if you meet me on a normal day, you would realize how crazy I actually am when you meet me on other days.

“You are full of potential. To the brim, my girl, to the brim!!! You are not empty but you gotta make the loudest noise over here if you do not want to be drowned out in your silence. The world is innately crazy, abnormal, upside down and full of #*/f”!!! If you must succeed, you need to be ready to match the madness with equal and maybe even more madness.”

This was pep talk number four, after job rejection number five. I was unsure what these companies wanted from me again. I had the degrees. I had the experience.

“They may tell you that you do not have the visuals. Are you wearing the right skin color? No. Is your body fitting in the right cloth sizes? And you know what’s right are those sizes to the far left of the scale, right? Exactly, you don’t fit into them. Also, when you pronounce water, does the t live to see the brightness of day? It does? That’s an issue. You need to be able to murder select letters.”

So, what do you do when your visual inaccuracy blurs your degrees and experiences from being of any significance?

“Girl, you show them you are worth it, give them vision 20/20. Shove it in their faces!!! Not the middle finger, come on. Let them know they cannot do without you… not the other way round. Do not go with a beggar’s attitude. You are with options. You are not defeated. You are able to walk away with dignity!!!”

I was in tears. I was hearing what he was saying but I was exhausted.

“This is just the beginning.”


You might not have a brother giving you this kind of pep talks. (This one isn’t either of my actual brothers but they do give good pep talks). You might have applied to over 100 opportunities and they all came back with that all too familiar response, “We regret to inform you…”

Here’s what you will do. Go back to those quoted conversations. Pick the sentences within the first period or exclamation. Put them together. And…

Go again.

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Eunice is a medical doctor, writer and photographer whose love for art compliments her dedication to health and science. She is interested in communicating health related issues in the simplest, yet artistic form and generally improving health status through awareness.

2 thoughts on “Multiple Job Rejections? You Need You Some Crazy.

  1. Yaay fave Dr is writing for us again and it’s fierce…go get it spirit has entered me. I miss your writing!

    1. Chelopra!!! It’s sweet to see you here again too ❤️❤️❤️.

      Well, it’s fierce season. Hope you’re ready.

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