I Wish It Was Him… II

But i wanted him. From the moment i understood the fuzzy feeling between my thighs when guys passed my way, i knew i wanted Edi to myself.

My parents owned the most popular and populous university Uyo. Although, my sister and i still had our tertiary education outside the country.

By the time i was travelling out for my first degree, Edi and Tafo were back in Nigeria. Yes, they went to the same university. He chose law. She chose civil engineering. They were practically living together while in London.

I once spent a holiday with them. It was intense sex everyday. I wonder how she never got pregnant. I would stay up, listening to their motions, moaning and futile efforts at shushing each other. They didn’t want me to hear but they knew it was unavoidable. Besides, they were not about to go celibate just because i was around.

Those nights made me angry. I was mad at the fact that i was not the one under him. Or over him. Who knows what positions they took? I think Tafo knew i loved him. She always had this look of victory on her face. Like she had won a battle between us.

I was going to get him. Somehow. Someday.

In the meantime, i got my degrees too. I had always wanted to be a nurse. Mother had worked for 35years as a nurse before she retired and started up the university with father. She had always thought Tafo would be the nurse. The family thought i would be the school drop out. I was not so obvious about my seriousness.

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