Dear mum and dad,
How are you? Thank you for the upbringing so far. You could have dedicated these 30years to some other project, but you chose to take care of me and played a big role in the person I have become.

Now, I am bringing home my heart, the lady after my heart.

Of course, I want you both to approve of her and take her as one of your daughters. I want her to fit into whatever ‘image’ you have created for the perfect wife for me.
But, let me give a forewarning; I am getting married to THIS one, THIS time. Whether you approve or not, whether she meets your checklist or not, she is becoming my wife. I let go of three possibilities just because they did not ‘fit’. Well, this time, forget it.
I still love you both. We’ll be coming next week. Your obedient son.

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Truth is, many a times, not the whole family totally accepts the person you take home (lool…take away pack). In actual fact, your siblings might totally not like him/her. To them, your fiancé/e is a threat to their relationship with you and no matter how chocolaty nice and ice cream sweet they are, they are to be disliked. If you had a proper, functioning relationship/friendship with your siblings prior to bae’s arrival, it would be easier to handle them. If not, doxology.
But parents.
No one wants to rebel against parents, especially not at the point of getting married. At the same time, nobody wants to be deprived of true love, especially in days like these when true love is hard to find (quote me). And no one, definitely nobody, would like to have anyone forced on them. Parents, puleeese, don’t be ‘harboring’ one lady for your son or ‘pushing’ your daughter to one guy. Not anymore.
Ladies and gentlemen, if your parents obviously do not approve of him/her:
1. Find out why. What are their reasons?
2. Do you agree with any of them? (I know you will probably say you don’t, but, check well)
3. Can you convince them to look beyond all the reasons and reason with you? Do you need help from aunts/uncles, pastors/elders, to talk with them?
4. If they totally refuse, can you let go of this person and move on?
5. If they totally refuse, are you convinced that person is THE ONE?
If yes, beg them for forgiveness, pray to God and get married.
Ce fini.


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Eunice is a medical doctor, writer and photographer whose love for art compliments her dedication to health and science. She is interested in communicating health related issues in the simplest, yet artistic form and generally improving health status through awareness.

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