House: The One Year We Lived at Work. 1


While we were in medical school, for most of us, we were only certain of two steps after medical school; housemanship and NYSC. For those who were averse to either, they probably were more sure of their future than the rest of us or they were utterly lost. That is, they were either dead sure they were not venturing into housemanship and they were also not going the NYSC way but had steady plans as per what they intended to do with their lives. Or, they were dead sure they were not venturing into housemanship, and also not going the NYSC way, yet, had no clue at all what they intended to do with their lives. Either way, they were actually sure of something.
For the rest of us following the typical Nigerian medical school line, once medical school was over, we had our work cut out for us.


Secure the job.

I’ll tell you something first. Apparently, some of my non medical friends assumed that it was something already prepared for us by the ?federal government and all we had to do was ‘step’ into the new role once we had graduated. Thus, when all others are crying about unemployment, the doctors ought not to join. It is for this reason that some parents will not rest till one or all of their children decides to study medicine.

Well, newsflash, unemployment is as much a thing to doctors as it is to other careers.

There are no stack of jobs just waiting for us to step, walk or jump into. Not in Nigeria. So, we also hustle. And in recent times, the hustle has even become more real.


How we go about housemanship

1. It is funny how there are myriads of exams and application fees for the limited spots available. Day in, day out, adverts come up about openings in different locations and people travel long distances, book hotels and spend loads of money in the bid to secure a spot at one of them. Sadly, even after all the efforts… Oh wait, did I mention the hours these hopeful applicants would have to spend on attempting to revise everything seeing as they don’t know where the questions would be from?… it is sad that only few would be picked on merit.

2. It is still by ‘leg’ and networking that most people secure these jobs. That is probably why there is really nothing like past questions or frequently asked questions for those seeking to be employed.


Regarding this, I think it really may be best if we start getting posted for housemanship just as it obtains with the NYSC. Although, that would then mean the leg and networking would shift focus from securing a place to securing the best place. God safe us.


When the final MBBS Examination results were released August 23rd , 2018, I was, as usual, stunned into speechlessness. Yeah, I screamed and rejoiced with the little congregation that had gathered on the corridor of D block topmost floor. By the way, I consider it a great and mighty thing that all of us in that instance actually passed at that time. Just imagine if one… just one of us had a resit… the screaming would have choked in our throats and each person would have had to find a private place to be glad. Anyway, if I had been alone, I probably would have just sat down on my bed and smiled. I think I have this weird anticlimax about things I’ve been looking forward to when they finally come to pass. I think it is a matter of not being able to settle on the best way to express my joy, so, I’d rather just not do any.


After ensuring the Peaches and my dear Ay passed too, I informed the Knight first. Lol, back then, he was not yet the Knight. And then, I told my family members. In all the telling, my mind knew that the next thing people would start asking about was housejob and for some people who have no other aim but to seek out party jollof ??, they were going to ask about marriage. But, I pushed the thought of housejob far behind. I did not want to think about it. I did not want to stress about it. I just wanted to be out of the school environment and allowed to breathe for once. Like, actually breathe because I am alive and not because if I want to be a doctor, I have to keep breathing. (Do you get?!?! ?). I was interested in getting inducted but in view of the drama associated with our set at that time, even that was not really to be looked forward to.


If I am asked at what point I realized that Nigeria is a failed nation, I’d tell you it was around that time.


It was then I realized that no matter how many of us decide to be better and invest all of our betterness, if there be anything like that, into the nation, the reward or the outcome is still not something to look forward to. We were being punished for speaking up. Now, we all are clamoring for Sowore to be released; we were the Sowores of that time and trust me, it did not feel good.


I packed the things I called mine and headed for home. I got reacquainted with my parents in real life. I got to know the nooks and cranny of our family house once again. I reintroduced myself at our local church. I found Patricia and her cohort… even wrote a story based on their lives. And of course, I met sweet Becquerel. It was sweet. I did not need to be reminded that time was going or that my mates were already making plans. Summarily, I .Actually. Did. Not. Care.

A little note…

I specially welcome you to this series. I know how much you’ve anticipated it. I got over 40 views on the blog yesterday and that was without even posting yet. Please feel free to share the article link and blog link with others (no need for special permission?). Also, leave your comments for other readers to interact with. I am certain we would have similar or even more interesting stories to share that way.



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