Do we love equally?


When two people in a relationship say to each other, ‘I love you’ or when they do things portraying their love for each other, are they speaking and/or acting on the same ‘level’ of love? If there was a love meter that could measure how much a person loves the other, would it be equal on both sides (the guy and the lady)?


Active and Passive lovers

The passive lover does little or nothing to show love to his/her partner (not because he/she doesn’t) and does not stand to lose by doing so. The active lover goes out of his/her way to show love and if the relationship ends, stands to lose a lot. Can you relate with this?

It is possible that a love meter will measure 100% on both sides in SOME relationships. This could be at an instant e.g on special days, the meter reads 100% for both the guy and the lady. Or, it could be cumulative e.g 35% guy and 45% lady and on another day 65% guy and 55% lady. Many factors could cause this but in the end, they love each other 100%.


Only if there was a love-meter

Meanwhile, some relationships never just make up to 100%. Either the guy or the lady or even both of them. This can be a pointer to active and passive designation in the relationship and might not mean much. Or, it could be an indication of “I am just hanging in syndrome” or “I just pity him plight”. This is worrisome and should be checked.

But, hey, the love meter to measure this does not exist! So there is really no way to ‘quantify’ your love for each other. Too bad.



Supposing it does exist, which would be better/safer; the lady loving more or the guy loving more?



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10 thoughts on “Do we love equally?

    1. I would prefer the guy loving more. As i once told a friend, a lady will often remain loyal, no matter how ‘little’ her love is. As for guys, it seems a lot more love is needed to ‘tie’ them to one lady. Just saying…

  1. I think it is naturally easier for a lady to love more in a relationship due to her emotional configuration. Well, as a guy, I would prefer the lady loving me more. There is a kind of relief it

    1. Lol. Relief eh? But you don’t need her to love you 100% for your heart to be at rest. But if the love meter says a guy loves me 95%… i will get scared.

  2. The guy loving the lady more is my pick. This will produce sustainability in the relationship. I take my cue from Christ’s relationship with His bride – the church. This relationship has spanned over two thousand years and will span even more because the ‘Male figure’ loves more. On a general note, Women are naturally inclined to respond sincerely to genuine love and affection.

  3. I’m for the guy n lady loving themselves 50-50. But since there’s no love meter as it were to really ascertain that, I’d like to go with Trust. If I can vouch for my woman on any matter and she can do the same for me, I think that’s love. The day Trust is lost I know it’s love lost.

  4. The man is commanded to love, in the Bible. That kinda makes me see that men need to intentionally love and show the love. I think this is so because the lady will love you and she will show it, most of the time. So in the end each partner should work at balancing his partner’s love.

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