Dear Cozy.

Dear Cozy,

If life gives you lemons, ask for salt and vinegar.

Having guys as close friends has always been the norm for me. Many ladies would agree with me that dealing (talking, moving) with guys is easier and less dramatic. They don’t nag, they don’t tell you all is well then stab in the back later. Alright, not all girls are like that but you know, one bad egg…

Anyway, I got on easily with them and it was not a problem. At least not until some how, some of them started thinking about making my future brighter by marrying me.

I think one of the reasons I delayed marriage was that I didn’t want to lose my male friends. They were just platonic friendships, mostly safe but I knew getting married was going to be another chapter.

Your female friends are always welcome to our home, I would like to know them all.

You should treat them right but always remember the line must be drawn when it should be drawn.

Never let your woman think she needs to compete with your female friends. She’s your Queen.

Love, Mum.

Just a Little More…

1. A big shout out to all the male friends that make friendship sweet. Thanks for listening to all our weird gists. And for not being snitches to some of our female friends.

2. But guys, listen up, you don’t have to date your friend. All that talk about marry your best friend is what has ruined many great friendships. Analyze the dynamics of that friendship well and choose wisely. Best friend for life? Or attempted wife and lost for life?

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