Dear Cozy.

Dear Cozy,

If life gives you lemons, ask for salt and vinegar.

I’m forever grateful for my girl friends. Oh dear, those girls are something else. They are my go-to team. We discuss just about everything and with them, I can be freeee. I don’t know about guys having what people call cliques/groups/gangs. Most guys are lone rangers who just remember to say hi to one another once in a while .

Son, you need a team. Trust me. Life is difficult as it is, facing it alone is asking for a disaster.

I’d tell your father everything about me and what’s going on with me. Then, I’d tell my friends. Although, there’s a bit of privacy your marriage needs from time to time which should not be compromised.

Now, mind you, those girls are not perfect, not at all. There were times they were outrightly stupid and mean. Yes, they know. They’ve gotten on my nerves, made me angry, frustrated my plans and even hurt me. But, they never leave.

They may take time away or life may make them busy but the moments they have, they share freely with me as I do with them.

You need to choose your team wisely. Sometimes, the evil ones never leave too and you have to push them out and away.

Love, Mum.

Just a Little More…

1. The joy of friendship is bliss. Knowing you have people who have your back any day, any time.

2. Bad friends can also have your back any day, any time… To stick a knife through. Get rid of them.

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