Dear Cozy.

Dear Cozy,

If life gives you lemons, ask for salt and vinegar.

I thought I was going to marry the first person I dated. “Will of God”, ” Love of my life”, “The One”, etc, etc. Those were the phrases I often held on to as qualifiers for the person I would marry.

I mean, if he’s the will of God, why wouldn’t I marry him? If he is the one, oh come on, what else do I need? Well, life is unpredictable. Many factors come in when things should happen.

That guy, I thought he was the love of my life, the good and perfect will of God but when he woke up and asked for a break up, I realised that…

1. God’s will is important but He isn’t going to force humans to comply.

2. Love of my life is too vague. Your life is in phases. Some people only fit in one phase of your life. If beyond that, they don’t fit, don’t hold on.

Love of my life is fixed at marriage.

Oh well, Cozy, beyond marriage, life is actually just unpredictable.

In my line of profession, I have seen patients make such miraculous recoveries. I mean, people the whole medical team had given up on. Meanwhile some others, who were of little or no stress, have died without so much as an explanation.

Life is only true when we live it fully expectant… Good or bad, positive or negative.

Love, Mum.

Just a Little More…

1. God’s will is perfect. Know it. In addition, know when “God’s will” isn’t allowing himself/herself fit into the plan.

2. The unpredictability of life can be fun and intriguing but can also be scary. Brace up!

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