Dear Cozy.

Dear Cozy,

If life gives you lemons, ask for salt and vinegar.

Okay, I am not sure how long I’ve been pregnant but this mood swings have been with me since time immemorial.

Humans are emotional beings. Hu-womans are extremely emotional beings.

I don’t know if God got the formula mixed up or He overdosed on one of the ingredients, but female folk are just something else.

Playing on the swings when we were smaller was just a way of telling the world, ahead of time, that they should be ready. Oh, Cozy, any guy that played on the swings would also have mood swings. Don’t ask me how.

Now, being intentionally irrational, insensitive, insultive, unreasonable, hateful and blind to sense is not a mood swing. Those children who kept hitting their heads on the swings were not playing. They were either throwing a tantrum or having a nervous breakdown or both.

Just like the swing, one should be able to stop the swing, get down and play elsewhere. You control your moods and that reminds me, you control how often you kick me too. Be nice to your momma. Love, Mom.

Just a little more…

1. Females tend to be more emotional  males. No arguments. This doesn’t mean emotional men are aliens. No one should make you feel evil for being emotional. However, if you are evil, do not blame it on moods.

2. In a relationship, understanding moods is as important as knowing if you’re truly loved. A wrong interpretation, wrong words, and the whole thing goes wrong.

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