Dear Cozy.

Dear Cozy,

If life gives you lemons, ask for salt and vinegar.

Not everything will go as you want, my dear. You would try, put in a lot of time and energy and resources and sometimes, disappointments would still happen.

Yes, that is life. People will disappoint you and make it seem like you were the careless or lazy one. Forgive them.

I have my list of disappointments. Endless. Majority of them because someone out there did not do what was required at the right time. I hope you never have to get such a list as you grew up. However, brace up for them. It pays to be prepared than caught unawares.

Your father knows disappointment too. You can imagine putting all you’ve got into a business venture, sacrificing everything, putting other things on hold just to ensure this business blossoms only to have it all crumble because of just one phone call.

It bites deep into the soul, threatening to tear out one’s heart. But, you are strong man. You can stand strong, no matter what. I believe in you.

Love, Mum.

Just a Little More…

1. No one is perfect and no matter how much preparation one puts into anything, nothing is perfect. Even water burns and have you seen burnt fried egg before? Life is an unstable jar of chemicals. Sometimes, they cook up sweet smelling perfume. Other times, it’s a charred up mess.

2. This does not excuse not preparing at all. A little right here and there and a big calamity can actually be avoided.

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