By O. M. O. T: Review on a Jewelry Online Vendor.

Let’s review “By O. M. O. T”.


I don’t fancy earrings much but I am particular about my necklaces. But both are important to me. Because of this, I do not purchase just any kind of jewelry.

Let’s review this jewelry online vendor.

1. Aesthetics: 4?. Clear images of earrings, pendants, necklaces, bangles abound on her Instagram page. Sprinkled here and there are wristwatches and wrist beads. There aren’t models to portray her products but images of satisfied clients are available. A commendable aspect of her page is that sold products are rightly marked as sold to avoid confusing prospective buyers.

2. ProductQuality: 3.5?. “By O. M. O. T” does not sell inferior quality. Neither does she claim to sell brands. While some of the jewelry may not withstand continuous exposure to water, they definitely would serve well for a long while.

3. Timing/Delivery: 5?. Her delivery is top-notch. She finds the easiest, fastest, safest and cheapest means of ensuring your goods are delivered to you.

4. Pricing: 4?. Very pocket-friendly! You need not break a sweat or your bank to afford her products.

Overall: 4.1?. Great work!
PS: Earrings and neckpiece in image are from her.

By O. M. O. T

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