Becquerel: Murder on Animals.

Becquerel is smart and quite knowledgeable. In fact, there was a day she told me to stop speaking to her in Yoruba while I switch to english with other people. Well, she had a point even if a bit flawed. But, that’s not talk for today.

Becquerel knew about almost everything… Much to our surprise. But…

Her problem? She jumps. Her other problem? She knows too much. Her other other problem? She hasn’t yet synthesised the knowledge into wisdom and understanding.

Night devotion that day, we were reading about God sending quails to feed the Israelites.

Mum asked, “What are quails?!” I had not gotten round to warning the house about asking her these kind of questions. At that point, I could not tell mum to unask and with the direction her face was turned, the question was meant for Becquerel.

#Fingers crossed.

With all the excitement of a six year old trapped in the body of a 12year old, Becquerel shouted, “Animal!”

Well, I mean that goes, right? It may not have been specific but… It was safe. So, I was going to give a sigh of relief, thanking God for saving the night. But no, my lady was not done.

“It is òyà (Grass cutter)… just like chicken.”

The way I slumped in my seat, one would think I just had a stroke.

Please, if anyone finally understands the correlation, hit me up, ASAP!

And if you say, “Animals…” There.

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