Becquerel: Even Church Is Not Safe.

Becquerel fans! Good morning and a happy Sunday to you from us all. Becquerel sends her greetings.

As the normal family arrangement for us, I get to sit with Becquerel in church. Yes, it is a privilege… A great privilege. I don’t know how more sarcastic I can be but, you get the point. Maybe today’s story will help…

Church with Becquerel… yours sincerely actually thought the church should be enough protection from the works of Becquerel’s hands. I mean, God is holy and we are in His temple, let the people be quiet sort of thing.

That day, Pastor was preaching about the Ark of the Covenant (àpótí èrí in Yoruba). My lady, beside me, was nodding her head. A sure sign, I assumed, that she understood what the pastor was saying.

Then, I don’t know who sent me to ask her, “Do you know what that (àpótí èrí) is?”

The proudest face you can imagine tore away from the pastor’s face and was now beaming at me.

To think she readjusted her scarf, previously tied over half of her eyes to now cover just her eyebrows, before replying,

“Isn’t it a stool?” It was meant to be a question. I heard it as a strictly educative information for her ‘big sister’ that dared to doubt her knowledge.

She gave me a big smile, as if to say, “yeah, you are welcome.” And returned to steadily nod at the pastor.

We were seated on the front row in church.

Eunice, you can do this! Deep breath, think of the saddest thing ever. Make your face strong… Do not give in! I repeat, do not give in!!!

If I gave in to the convulsive laughter that was building up within me at that moment, service was going to be converted to an impromptu deliverance session to be adequately handled by the prayer warriors, (The àjà séguns).

I survived. And I learnt.

She nodding her head in church? Great! She tilting her neck and squinting in concentration? Awesome!! She turning the pages of her Bible furiously? Fantastic!!!


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