One day, we, I and Debby, in the spirit of big sistership decided to give Becquerel brown powder and perfume. Why we didn’t just stick to white powder and maybe nice smelling body cream, I do not know.

Her excitement was palpable.

Immediately, she started applying the powder.

“Sis, you don’t have to apply plenty now…”

Trust me, it fell on deaf ears. By the time she was done, she herself knew what she looked like.

“I look like a ghost”. And we all solemnly agreed.

We are definitely not giving her anything like eye liner or mascara. I can’t be pleading extra blood of Jesus when I wake up in the middle of the night… Because of what I did by myself to myself. No.

That was launching the powder. As for the perfume, she sprayed more than half its content at the first go.

Our room smells nice. Still.

*** In Our Family ***

Let your potential boyfriend or girlfriend take note:

Daddy will sooner than later start calling you his son or daughter. It doesn’t mean he has stamped you into the family by fire by thunder. We know better.

Mummy will want to feed you and feed you well. Just, be good, and eat. If you were fasting before, you break it right there and then. In fact, they will help you with the prayers to break it.

Don’t say I didn’t help you.

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  1. ?… .when she doesn’t brush teeth or wash uniform, the perfume must be applied like that o.. ..what’s up with this every fast must be broken something tho

    1. Hehehehehe. I see. One must cover for the other abi? I think I now understand. thank you for enlightening me. The fast… Well, unless you informed mum before the food was made that you are fasting and you remain resolute about staying that way, you would have a hard time convincing mummy that you won’t be eating.

    1. Oh boy!!! Hehehehehe. I think you know this kind of people well. Wow, now I understand her better. Jehovah over-do!!!

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