We were in all honesty just trying to make her look better by asking her to wear something less… Oversized, rumpled and in every way looking like a sac… Of rice… Less than 20k.

But, she would have nothing of the sort. It was that big, well oversized shirt that she was going to put on.

To a wedding.

And nope, we were not going to stop her.

“Please just wear something else today. You can wear this tomorrow.”

“No joor. Can’t you see how sweet I look?”

She then gave this mock twirl and flipped her imaginary hair.

We gave up.

When we came back from the wedding, guess what our lady said.

“Ehen. I told you people I looked sweet. If you see how everybody kept looking at me.”

Should we tell her?

Nah… Ko need!

*** In Our Family ***

The tradition for years, when the children were still at home, was to go to Camp Young at Ede for Christmas and sometimes, even crossover into the new year there. It was highly anticipated and enjoyed.

Then, university drew the kids out. Most times, the family wasn’t complete at Christmas and greetings were exchanged on phone and social media.

Camp Young… Is now Old.

Suggestions for a family Christmas Getaway are highly welcome, please!

***** ***** *****

As this is the last episode of BECQUEREL II, I’d like to send a big shout out to some special people who made this possible. As you would have noticed, the episodes started coming in quite late and this was due to a change in environment and trying to settle in. (No, I am still with y’all… In Nigeria.) However, without these ones, it would have been extra hectic getting the episodes to you… My loyal and very warm Drpeo friends.







The other Peaches

And why would I not mention the sweet lady herself?


Becquerel. will surely, by HIS grace, get another series to you again. Soon.


Thank you for the love.

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